Saturday, October 4, 2014

Bridal Makeup Tips

Hi all..! 

Every lady wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. As a married woman, I would like to share some tips in choosing the right makeup on the wedding day. Because the wedding day only happens once in a lifetime (ideally, hehe..). You also can't retake the wedding photos, so you have to look as great as possible on that special day.

1. Make sure the wedding venue that will be used, whether indoor or outdoor
This will affect the type of makeup that will be used. For outdoor event, you can use any type of makeup with soft and neutral colors with a hint of bright color on the lips and certainly should be durable for outdoor event because you will start sweating easily. For indoor event, you can use a little bit darker tone for the makeup.
2. Adjust the type of makeup by the time of the event
For the noon wedding party, choose a softer and simpler type of makeup, because the natural light is still available (especially at outdoor event), so the photographer can still use it. As for the night wedding party, use a little bolder type of make up, but not too much. Choose a foundation shade that suits the skin tone, because the photographer will use a flash. We don't want to look like wearing a mask on our wedding photos, right?

3. Waterproof & sweatproof makeup
Is a must!!! Some brides can not hold back her tears on her wedding day. That's why waterproof or sweatproof makeup is very important to make us keep gorgeous while crying happily.. =D

4. Great staying power
You will be a queen for a day on your wedding day. All vision will be focusing on you. So make sure the makeup you wear will stay in place from the beginning to the end of the event.
5. Enhance, not changing
Every bride would be very happy when the guests tell her how beautiful she is, or in Indonesia we call it "manglingi". So, beside doing many kind of beauty treatments a few days before the wedding, use the right makeup can make you look very stunning. The important thing is, use makeup that can enhance your beauty. Don't let it makes you look like a different person.

6. Choose the right Make Up Artist
Yup, this is one of the important key! He or she doesn't have to be very popular, but he or she should knows what kind of makeup is good for you. It will be great if he or she offers a makeup test before the wedding day. He or she also has to be very dicipline. Also make sure he or she maintains the hygiene while doing your makeup. 

The good news is.. now you don't have to seek anywhere to find the right makeup artist for your wedding day. Find them on 
You can find so many talented and professional makeup artists along with their portfolios. Not only makeup artist, Bride Story also provides so many wedding vendors, just read this post.

Well.. so.. if you are a bride to be, I hope this post is useful for you. I hope you are ready to be the most beautiful bride in the world! =D

See ya!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Simple Dramatic Purple Eyes with Maybelline Eye-Mazing Eyes Kit

Hi all!!

Today I'm going to share about what's inside this Maybelline Eye-Mazing Eyes Kit for Dramatic Look. The box is very fancy with an illustration of a blonde lady in the front cover:
Here are the products...
Actually I make a video review about these products, so I won't write the detail in here. You can watch the video in the end of this post =D

1. Maybelline Color Tatoo 24HR Gel-Cream Eyeshadow #29 Painted Purple
It comes in a little glass jar.
This creamy textured eyeshadow is very pigmented!! The color is a bit metallic. Love it a lot!!
Price: Around IDR 69,000 at the drugstore (if I'm not mistaken)

1. Maybelline The Magnum Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara
One more chubby mascara from Maybelline with 2X Collagen, 10X Thicker and Waterproof (the claim). 
It has a thick curvy brush called Mega Spoon Brush, and it can curl up my lashes!
Price: ONLY IDR 85,000!!! *dancing =D

1. Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner
This classic liquid liner has an applicator attached on its lid.
It's a very thin brush..
It can creates a precision line like this:
1. Maybelline Fashion Brow 24H Coloring Mascara #5 Dark Brown
Yaay finally Maybelline has a brow mascara!! I'm currently obsessed with this product. It has a cute curvy brush.
With a ball brush design, make it easier to apply on my brow.
The shade is quite natural. And yes, the staying power is so.. good! It stays on my brows in almost 24 hours, even if I wash my face with water. But don't worry, you can remove it with cleansing oil easily ^^

Like I've said before, you can get the detail review on my video:

Here is the detail result of my Simple Dramatic Purple Eyes:
The whole look..
Okay I hope this post is useful for you =D

See ya!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Organizing Your Wedding Has Never Been So Easy with

Hello everyone! 

I often receive wedding invitations lately. Perhaps September is a good month for wedding huh? I remember when I was a bride to be more than two years ago. How excited, busy, tired, and confused I was when dealing with wedding matters. So many to do lists! And it was the first (and hopefully the last) time I handled wedding thingy. Fortunately, I was assisted by my mother. But the problem was sometimes we had a very different opinion, which made us fight =D. And I became very sensitive a couple of days before the wedding day. Even some of my friends called me bridezilla! Yup, the bride who has a very sensitive heart and easily angry, like a monster, like Godzilla .. haha .. 

That's not going to happen if I could find the right vendors who can understand what I want, and know my taste well. It was quite hard to find that kind of vendor at that time, especially because I'm a working lady too. Browsing on the internet, read the comments here and there, even made me more confuse. Thank god it was over!!! 

But hey, if I could repeat my wedding day and somebody want to sponsor it, of course I'd love to!!!! Especially now it's getting easier to find the right vendors online. Have you ever heard of is an online portal that offers an extensive list of wedding vendors, each representing different concepts and unique expertise. Bridestory facilitates, provides options, connects brides and grooms-to-be with the right wedding vendors and aims to contribute to the realization of a dream wedding through quick and easy access.

Bridestory serves as a meeting point for brides and grooms-to-be and wedding vendors. It aims to save time and effort to allow couples to put more focus on the joys of getting married. Engaged couples can surf the site to find wedding inspirations from various wedding vendors within its extensive list of twenty unique service categories and use the technological platform to help them with the process in choosing the right one, according to their budget and location.

The site's interface looks like pinterest's, so it makes us easier to see the wedding vendors that suits our taste:

You can find so many wedding vendors here, such as photographer, catering, wedding venue, makeup artist, entertaintment, decoration, cake, invitation, even the honeymoon destnation. The vendors also come from some favorite wedding places in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung and Bali.

This site is connected with social media, so we can easily share it to our friends or relatives who need inspirations or ideas for their wedding.

So, if I can repeat my wedding day, here are some picks that I'd choose from A simple white wedding day with turquoise accent on the beach.. =D
Okay.. okay.. Let's get back to reality..

Well, so.. if you are a bride or a groom to be, who just get started to make a plan for your wedding, don' waste your time to search the vendors here and there, or go to a wedding expo which is far from your place. Just sit in front of your laptop or tablet or smartphone and explore Believe me, it will make your life easier lah! =D

Okay that's all my blogpost today. I hope it's useful to you.

See ya!!

*Psst... I will give some tips about choosing the right makeup look for your wedding day on the next post. Don't miss it! ;D

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Muslimah Eyeshadow & Lip Care Review & Giveaway

Hi all!!

Kali ini saya ingin membagi review tentang dua buah produk dari Muslimah Cosmetics. Udah pernah dengar? Muslimah Cosmetics adalah brand kosmetik dengan bahan-bahan natural dan halal dari Sophie Paris. Produk yang akan saya review adalah Muslimah Eyeshadow in Sapphire dan Muslimah Lip Care. Ini dia penampakannya:
 Sebelum mulai review, biar lebih jelas, yuk liat dulu TVC-nya:

1. Muslimah Eyeshadow in Sapphire
Packaging produk Muslimah semuanya berwarna coklat keemasan dengan desain yang simple. Termasuk eyeshadow palet ini:
Dibalut dengan paper box dengan label Halal di belakangnya. Packaging berbahan plastik ini ukurannya sangat compact jadi ngga ngabisin space di dalam makeup pouch. Di belakangnya terdapat keterangan Made in Malaysia dan expiration date.

Palet Muslimah Eyeshadow in Sapphire ini terdiri dari 4 warna; White, Light Blue, Dark Sapphire Blue & Marine Blue, dilengkapi dengan kaca dan aplikator spons di dalamnya. Bisa diliat di foto berikut, dengan & tanpa flash:
Surprisingly, warna produk ini cukup vibrant di kulit, meskipun tanpa eyeshadow base:

Berikut foto shades dari kiri ke kanan
White, Light Blue, Dark Sapphire Blue & Marine Blue
dengan flash
tanpa flash
IDR 119,900

Klaimnya produk ini menggunakan bahan-bahan alami dan natural, salah satunya adalah Olea Europaea Fruit Oil. Namun namanya juga kosmetik, pasti dong menggunakan bahan-bahan kimia. Meskipun saya kurang tahu deatail fungsi dari bahan-bahannya, seharusnya tidak ada yang berbahaya, mengingat sudah ada label halal-nya. Produk ini juga tidak mengandung pengharum.

What I love
- Packagingnya compact dengan desain yang simple, travel friendly
- Warnanya sangat pigmented meskipun tanpa eyeshadow base
- Sudah ada kaca dan aplikator spons di dalamnya
- Staying power cukup lama, sekitar 6 jam. Kalau ingin lebih lama bisa menggunakan eyesahdow base
- Harganya cukup terjangkau
- Bisa dibeli secara online

- Eyeshadownya agak susah diblend, tidak cukup menggunakan aplikatornya, harus menggunakan blending blush yang oke.

Meskipun bernuansa biru, palet ini juga bisa loh dipakai sehari-hari. Siapa tau kamu ingin coba pake warna ini selain warna netral, nih saya kasih tutorialnya:
1. Aplikasikan eyeshadow base di kelopak mata
2. Aplikasikan Muslimah eyeshadow Light Blue di 3/4 kelopak mata dalam
3. Aplikasikan Muslimah eyeshadow Marine Blue di 1/2 kelopak mata luar, blend ke arah dalam
4. Aplikasikan Muslimah eyeshadow Dark Sapphire di daerah yang sudah ditandai seperti huruf V miring, blend sedikit
5. Aplikasikan Muslimah eyeshadow White di pangkal mata bagian dalam, 1/2 bagian dalam bawah mata dan tulang mata di bawah alis, blend
6. Aplikasikan Muslinah eyeshadow Dark Sapphire di 1/2 bagian luar bawah mata
7. Aplikasikan pencil liner hitam di atas bulu mata dan 1/2 bagian luar bawah mata
8. Gunakan eyelash curler pada bulu mata bagian atas, aplikasikan maskara hitam di bulu mata atas dan bawah, Done!
Yuk mari dicoba.. ^^

1. Muslimah Lip Care
Packagingnya berupa tube dari plastik berwarna coklat keemasan yang bisa memuat produk sebanyak 15 ml.
Di belakangnya terdapat keterangan Made in Malaysia, ingredients, logo halal dan juga expiration date.

Tekstur produknya agak kental seperti jelly berwarna transparant. Meskipun begitu, produk ini tidak lengket di bibir, malahan terasa terlalu ringan =D dibanding lip care lainnya.
Produk ini juga agak sedikit wangi buah Lychee. Jadi berasa kayak abis minum sirup Lychee setiap pake produk ini di bibir.

Produk ini mengandung Vitamin E, Castor Seed Oil dan Beeswax, sehingga bisa membuat bibir jadi lembab.

IDR 59,900

What I love
- Teksturnya ringan
- Wangi Lychee
- Warnannya bening, jadi gampang dipadukan dengan lip color lainnya
- Affordable
- Bisa dibeli secara online

- Untuk bibir yang super kering dan pecah-pecah (seperti bibir saya), harus sering re-apply. Karena produk ini teksturnya sangat ringan, jadi cepat "hilang" dari bibir, terutama kalau habis makan.
- Packagingnya berupa tube, mau ngga mau harus mengoleskannya pakai jari/langsung ke bibir. Jadi ngga terlalu steril.

Berikut saya beri sedikit tutorial untuk bibir sehari-hari:
1. Aplikasikan Muslimah Lip Care pada bibir
2. Aplikasikan Lip Pencil warna coral di outline bibir, baurkan ke dalam
3. Aplikasikan Lip Color warna nude
4. Tambahkan Muslimah Lip Care lagi di seluruh bibir, baurkan

Final look:

Gimana? Tertarik untuk coba produk-produk dari Muslimah Cosmetics ini? Kamu bisa dapetin secara online di sini. Atau, kamu juga bisa dapetin 1 buah produk Muslimah Cosmetics gratis dengan cara ikutan:

Diary of an Eyeliner Junkie Giveaway
with Muslimah Cosmetics

Caranya gampang banget!
Share your "Fondest Makeup Memory"
di kolom komentar di bawah,
dan sebutin juga produk Muslimah Cosmetics
yang kamu mau dari website Sophie Paris.

Cerita yang paling menarik bakal dapetin
produk Muslimah Cosmetics pilihannya =)

Giveaway ini berlaku sampai tanggal 28 September 2014 pukul 17:00.
Pemenangnya akan saya umumkan via twitter saya di tanggal 29 September 2014.
So, don't forget to follow my twitter too.

Ditunggu partisipasinya ya beauties...

Semoga reviewnya berguna dan.. Good Luck!! =D

See ya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub and Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

Hi all!!

Honestly I rarely do body treatment at Salon, Spa, etc.. because I don't have much time lah! =( That's why my skin is very dry and sometimes flaky in certain parts. I don't want this condition last forever. So I started to spare a little time to do my own body treatment at home. Thankfully, my friend sent these products that I can use for a simple self care for my body skin. Here they are..
Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream and Smoothing Sugar Scrub
Both of them come in elegant goldish packaging with honeycomb icon accents. It makes them look expensive though the material is plastic. These products were made in Poland.
1. Oriflame Milk & honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub 200ml
This product contains organic milk, honey extracts and sugar crystals that supposedly can exfoliate and smoothen skin. 
I haven't try sugar scrub before. It has thick texture like honey with sugar granules in golden yellow color. It smells fresh and sweet!!
I read articles, some of them say that sugar scrub is good for sensitive skin (like mine!). It is also very easy to use. Simply apply this scrub on wet skin and rinse. There's no direction in the packaging about how many times we should use this product, so I use it every night when bathing! Yes, my skin needs help so bad! After rinsing, the skin still feels slippery, not rough. I feel a significant change in my skin, although not extreme. It looks cleaner and softer. I still use this product everyday, until it's empty later, maybe I will restock for the sake of beautiful skin =D

2. Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream 250ml
The jar reminds me of Winnie The Pooh's honey container. Transparent jar makes us easier to see how much cream is left inside.
It is sealed by aluminum foil when the lid is opened.
It has a light creamy texture in ivory color. It doesn't fall at all when I put on the finger facing down.
The fragrance is almost similar to the scrub's, but milder. It feels soft and smooth when applied on skin.
Here is the before after picture:
Can you see my skin becomes more lustrous?

I usually use it after bathing with the sugar scrub at night, before sleeping. I really love the feel on my skin when I wake up in the morning. My skin is very moist and chewy. It absorbs into my skin perfectly. =D

Overall, I really love these products!!! I can feel an improvement in my skin. I will probably buy it again when it runs out. I wish there is a larger size, so it can be used much longer. 
One of my concern, this product isn't sold widely in stores. We should contact Oriflame agent that we know. Or if you want to give it a try too, just contact my friend, Helga Swadharma, through her email: You can also order the other Oriflame products from her.

Yeah! That's all my review today. I hope it's useful to you.

See ya!! =D

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 Armando Caruso Essential Makeup Brushes

Hi all!! 

Today I'm going to share my review of 3 Armando Caruso makeup brushes from AYOU Beauty. I ever bought a set of Armanda Caruso travel size makeup brush with case before. I like it because the quality is good and affordable. So I'm very excited to try their regular brushes, here they are..
Each brush comes in a plastic packaging.

1. Armando Caruso Kabuki Brush for Powder/Foundation (AC102K)
Kabuki brush is one of makeup tools that should exist in every makeup case. This product is made of green shiny plastic material with gold accent in the middle. This brush is a handy size to carry in a purse or travel bag.
When opened, there is a gold section that can be adjusted up and down to set the width of the brush. 
The brush hair is made of white synthetic hair with a black tip, quite thick and very smooth. It looks strong and not easily fall.
This is what I mean that you can adjust the width of the brush. I usually use it both of these ways:
1. Use the first position (the black tip only) to apply liquid foundation or blusher
2. Use the second position (full brush) to apply powder
Price: IDR 155,000

Based on my experience, this brush is very useful and very convenient to use. With the right moves, it can spread liquid foundation, blusher and powder perfectly.

2. Armando Caruso Blending Brush (AC102K)
This brush is not too long, quite fit in our hand. The wand is made ​​of wood with a black matte finish plus glossy black plastic for clamping the brush hair. There's Armando Caruso logo in the middle of the wand.
Matte finish wand makes it less slippery when used.
The hair brush is so soft and short. I can't even tell if it is synthetic or real hair.

Although this is a blending brush, we still can use it for other purposes. I usually use it these ways:
1. Use the first position (the front) to dab powder eyeshadow on the lids, then blend it.
2. Use the second position (the side) to apply eyeshadow on the creases, then blend it.
Price: IDR 32,500

Based on my experience, this brush is very useful and multifunction. If you are too lazy to use many brushes for an eye makeup likes simplicity, this brush is enough for creating a simple beautiful eye makeup. The price is so affordable for a good quality brush!

3. Armando Caruso Slanted Liner Brush (AC707)
This brush is slightly longer than the blending brush above, with the same wand materials.
The brush hair is lighter than the blending brush. It is so thin and soft, perfect to create a precision line.
As an eyeliner junkie, angled brush is a must have makeup tool to apply gel liner!! But it can be used for other purposes too. ^^ 
It can be used to apply eyebrow powder or blend the eyebrow pencil, to apply eyeshadow under the waterlines and of course to apply the gel eyeliner.
Price: IDR 32,500

Based on my experience, this is also a multifunction brush. It can create precision line and blend the color smoothly. The price is also affordable!! 

Overall, I think the quality of Armando Caruso brushes are good with reasonable prices. It can be used for daily makeup. These 3 brushes are enough, especially for beginner who still confuse what kind of brush you should have first. So, I highly recommend these brushes to you!! =D

Where you can get it?
AYOU Beauty
instagram: ayoubeauty,
facebook: AYOU Beauty.

That's all my review, hope it will be helpful for you. And don't forget to wash your brush regularly!! =D

See ya!
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