Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Etude House Color My Brows

Hi all!!

Actually I wasn't curious at all with Brow Mascara. I thought eye brow pencil and powder were enough to define my brows. Until I dye my hair in super bright color, and neither eye brow pencil and powder can cover my dark brow to be as bright as my hair. Those products only coloring the skin under the brow, not the brow hair. So I bought these products, Etude House Color My Brows.
Because I bought it online, I was a bit confuse in choosing the right shade. So I bought all 5 shades..
It comes in a light plastic bottle with different colors, depends on the shade. 

With flash:
Without flash:
It comes in a cute paper packaging, just like all of Etude House products.
When we open it, we can see the bottle is tucked in the middle of packaging, so it won't fall. You can see the detial information inside, in Korean of course ^^.
I thought the bottle size is the same with the regular mascara. Nope, it's smaller. Here is the comparison with my hand:
Of course, it has a short wand too. Lately I know why they create it in this size, it is easier for applying the product on our brow with this short wand. You should try it yourself! ^^
The brush size is also small, quite fit in our brow. I can imagine if the brush is bigger, the products will overflow from our brow.. it would be very inconvenient indeed! XD
Here are the shades (with & without flash).. I also show my picture so you can help me to choose which shade match with my current hair color XD Because honestly, I still a bit confuse right now. Because I can't read Korean, I'll mention the color based on what I see..
#1 is Dark Brown. It fits with almost all Asian natural hair color.
#2 is Light Orangish-Brown. I think this shade matches with my hair color, but still a bit too bright.
#3 is Reddish-Brown. I think this shade also matches with my hair color. But it's a bit red.
#4 is Ash Blonde color. Obviously, it's too bright ^^
#5 is Goldish-Blonde color. This is too bright also ^^

And fyi, I can see the formula is a bit glittery. But it's not that obvious when applied to our eyebrows, especially the shade #1.

Ng... cox I still can't pick the shade, I decided to mix 3 of them..
#4 + #3 + #5 =
I think this new color quite matches with my hair color, doesn't it? ^^

Price: $4,95 + $2,00 (shipping cost) = $6,95 (each) = IDR 80,000 (less or more) -> Quite affordable! ^^

After I use it several times, I really love this product because it has a good staying power, waterproof and sweat-proof! I usually combine it with eyebrow pencil for daily look. Definitely the product that I'll always repurchase!

I hope this review helps you.

See ya!! ^^

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I Blog, Therefore I Exist.

Oh yes I'm being a bit sarcastic. But first of all, Hi all!

Many people ask me about how I make this blog? Or how to become a blogger? And any other questions about blogging. Well, I'm not an expert in this field, I only have few readers that I love so much, but let me share my own experience.. ^^ Well, it's going to be a long post, so prepare your self. Grab a drink and snack now! LOL

Do you realize that I'm bad in writing? I guess some of you are notice about it from the way I write in this blog!? LOL. YUP! That's the first reason why I make a blog, to practice my writing ability, especially in English.

Before I stick with this blog, I ever made several accounts for blogging. First time, I use my own web named in around 2005. I usually wrote about my daily life on that blog. Because of that blog also, I met some new people, including a guy who become my husband now XD Even my lecture read it LOL. Until it was expired and I was too busy to handle it.. =( So I made another account on mutliply. I continued sharing my daily life experiences and thoughts there. I also often shared my favorite music and some of my artworks there.

I'm a very visual person since I was a child. I usually hate literature lessons; Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Sunda (because I was born and raised in Bandung) and Bahasa Inggris. I'm not good in those lessons. In the other hand, I love art lessons so much; music, dance, especially painting. That's why I majored in Visual Communication Design  at college, where I can express my passion in visual world. I also love making comic about my daily life. Then I started to make a blogger account to share my comic:

Because I was too busy with my job (and lazy) XD I rarely update that blog again. I need more effort in making comic.. I was looking for another way to express my visual and writing passion. So, I decided to make this blog in 2009.

At the beginning, it's quite hard to find the topic I should write. You can read my first blogpost here, so random ^^. So I still continued writing about my personal life and thought here. Then I found my true passion in make up! Yup, it's like painting on face as the paper/canvas. I started to share my "Face of The Day" picture in a beauty forum, then post it in this blog. That's how I started to focus on beauty topic. I could show my makeup result and also write about beauty products here! I changed the name several times:

My old blog name's headers

Until I found the best name that can describe my self, Diary of an Eyeliner Junkie. Yeah, I love eyeliner so much! I can not face my day without using it!

My old header XD

Time flies, I always tried to update my blog regularly. One day a famous beauty company invited me to join their event, along with some other beauty bloggers: Carnellin, Nisa, Hanna, Stella and Priscilla (beauty blogger was still limited at that time). You can read it in this post ^^.

My very first beauty blogger gathering.

From that moment I realized that many people read my blog. I was also so happy when meeting another bloggers who have the same passion, beauty. It's like.. meeting an old friend, we can talk seamlessly about the world we love, beauty world.

After that event, I got more and more invitations from beauty companies and online shops. Many of them send me their latest products and offer me their services, so I can give it a try and write the review on this blog til now.

So nice to meet you all, my blogger friends!! ^^
Products I received from many companies. Taken from my instagram. Thank you so much!! ^^
I always happy when receiving those freebies! ^^ Even I need no buy beauty products again these days. But that's not the main point of blogging. Receiving freebies means I have to try it by myself and post the review here. I have to responsible with what I'm going to write, so I try to make it as honest as I can. The bad news is.. I have a very sensitive skin! Huhu.. Trying many products on my face make it breaks out several times.. Say it, pimples, white heads, black heads, blemishes, etc.. are never absent from my face XD I feel like a guinea pig sometimes.. That's what I call My Sacrifice.. =)

But this problem will never make me stop blogging about beauty thingy. It makes me keep looking for the best way to keep my skin healthy, so I can keep continue to put those products on my face, LOL.

I also use photoshop to edit some flaws.

Spot the differences! LOL

Hehe.. I don't mean to deceive you, I have strong reasons to use it:
- My photoshop skills are excelent. Yeah baby, I'm an art director and proud of my skills! LOL
- I only edit necessary things, such as pimples and blemishes that can not be covered by makeup products and bad lighting. You still can recognize me in real life ^^
- I apply some makeup techniques to make the illusion, but if it doesn't work, I use photoshop ^^ So, photoshop is my final choice. Yeah, I ever edited my nose several times, but I rarely edit my whole face (such as, making my cheeks slimmer, my eyes bigger, etc.. etc..).
- I never edit my skin in skincare review. Only the brightness, to make the picture clearer.
- Like Bryan Adam's song lyric: Everything I do, I do it for you. Hahah.. I want to make the picture as clear as possible (Since I still using a digital pocket camera), so you, my lovely readers, can get the right informations through those pictures. I don't want you to be distracted by my flaws when I make a look, or when I make makeup swatches, etc..

ANYWAY.. There are many other advantage that I got from blogging such as.. featured on magazine, website, get many new friends and connections, can meet many famous people and get an opportunity to be a makeup artist! I know.. my skill is not as good as an expert. I learn how to apply makeup for photography through youtube videos and books. But the results are not that bad lah.. Haha.. The best thing is I got a chance to do makeup for a fashion spread in Free Magazine and Fashion TV Indonesia. I always work with my photographer friend, Ila Schaffer. She gives me many chances to improve my makeup photography skills. Thank you so much Ila!! What an awesome experiences!
One of the best day of my life, got a chance to meet Anna Sui!!
One of my favorite works. You can see the complete series here =)

So, for you who want to start making a blog or just curious how it feels like to be a blogger, here are my..
Tips & Trick
1. Start a blog because you really want to make it
Do not make it just because everybody has a blog these days.
2. Choose a main topic that you love so much
And make a title that can describe this topic.
3. Branding your self
Make your blog as you as you can be. Just be your self, don't try to follow others. Imagine you are a product, what you want other people's think about you when they see you. For example, I love retro & vintage thingy, that's what I often reflect it on my blogpost and daily appearance. I may try another style for  experiment, but I always go back to my personality. That's why many people aware that I'm a blogger who has retro & vintage style.
4. Don't follow other bloggers if you want to force them to follow you back
Some people did it to me. Maybe after you read this, you'll unfollow me. Of course I don't mind ^^ Just be nice and make friends. Others will automatically follow you if your blog is interesting.
5. So, keep improving your blog quality
Be honest in writing (especially for product review), because it's one of a blogger's strength compare to paid celebrity ^^ Use nice words and make sure the readers will understand your writings. Improve the layout design, the picture, the topic, the content, etc.. And don't forget to update your blog regularly.
6. Leave nice comments
Yes, please. We may submit our critics and suggestions, but remember to always use nice words.
7. Get so many freebies is fun, but don't make it as the purpose of your blog
A person ever said to me, "OMG Carryn, you often receive many beauty products. I want it too!! I will make a blog like you!" And I was like.. (-_-") *eye-rolls "Good luck dear! =))" I mean. She didn't know how much my effort for every review that I make, my sacrifice, my time that I should spare for blogging, etc.. etc.. She didn't know how hard to gain the real followers. You can buy as many as followers these days, but I won't. I prefer the real people who read my blog, see my pictures on instagram, read me whining on twitter because they wanted to. It means a lot to me. Back to topic, she thought that I only write a blog for the sake of getting bunch of products. I just literally wanted to punch her in the face because I got a PMS too on that day LOL. Hormones.
8. Join the blogger community
It's a good place to promote your blog and make connections.
9. Making money from blogging
Call me a sell out blogger, yes I am. Hey, I also have a job. I get paid for every work that I do. Since my blog get so many attentions from companies, they often invite me to their event or send me their products for review. Somewhat I have to use my free time to do it (I even have to take leave sometimes). Spend my cash for taxi when I attending their event. Spend my own money to cure my sensitive skin because of trying those products. It needs more effort and costs a lot!! Why I should do it for free if I can earn money with just sitting down in front of a giant iMac doing my job at my office? LOL
10. Behave
Blogosphere is so small. Once you do a bad things, everybody (bloggers, companies, readers, agencies and other people who don't know you well) will know about it quickly. It's like, there's a spy cam in everybody's screen. So you know what to do, right?

Got the point? I hope you do. =)

Related to point #9, I recommend you to join B Blog, whatever your blog topic is, food, travel, fashion, beauty, gadget, lifestyle, etc.. B Blog (PT. Bina Blog Indonesia) is a subsidiary of CyberBuzz, Inc., No. 1 blog network & social media marketing company in Japan, part of CyberAgent, Inc, which has a limited service to its members (bloggers). This company will give fascination experience for the members while spreading the information through a blog. You will get paid for every article you make for B Blog project (you can choose the projects). By joining B BLOG, you will also get the latest products and samples from a variety of premium brand exclusive to your blog. Yaay!

Are you ready to join B Blog? Here are the steps:
1. Member registration for free! 
Write your account information on the blog and also add the important things that can be used as reference to follow the project on member page. 
2. Applies to projects you want to follow 
After finished registering, you will get the latest B Blog projects on your email. You can freely choose and participate in those projects. 
3. Try the latest service or product! 
B Blog will send you a lottery based on projects that have been selected in the form of a product trial or event invitation. You can get informations by attending events attended by a famous person or you can also try the latest products before it get launched. 
4. Give your impression about the products with your own words 
The information you write is not only used for product information only, but also will be published in "Your Review" catogory and will be included as useful information in the project.

So, what are you waiting for? Go start to make your own blog. Or if you already have it, let's join B Blog Indonesia like me! ^^ Actually, this post is my entry for one of B Blog's project too: B Blog’s I A.M a Blogger contest, hehe..

Let's join B Blog now and don't forget to participate into this project! =D Klik here to start:

This project is also sponsored by many famous online shops: @princess_butik, @japansoftlens, @keziashop@kissindonesia, @lumiere_corner and @galerikuku

Last, but not least, I want to thank all my readers! I really do! Without you all, my blog is nothing ^^ Nothing could make me happier than helping you through this blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much! (I didn't copy paste these words, I wrote this from the deepest part of my heart ^^)

I hope this article helps you. Let's start your own blog! and keep blogging!

See ya! ^^

berpartisipasi dalam B Blog’s, I A.M a Blogger

Thursday, April 17, 2014

D'EYEKO Starter Kit & True Glue

Hi all!

Today I'm going to share my review about the latest D'EYEKO products, D'EYEKO Starter Kit & D'EYEKO True Glue:
As usual, it comes in a plastic packaging with an art paper in feminine design and hologram accent on the logo.
There's a user guide on the back side.
Each pack consists of a lash applicator, 2 pairs of lashes, #110 and #136 which can be used several times and a bottle of lash adhesive. A perfect bundle for beginners.
Maybe some of you are familiar with eyelash applicator. But if you have no idea at all of what it looks like, here it is:
*Excuse my ugly nails, LOL.. 
It's like a hair pin, made of light plastic and rubber on the tip. This tool is used to clamp the eyelashes. Remeber to clamp the outer part of lashes, not the string part.
Because.. you need to put the glue on the string! XD You can put this tool anywhere while waiting for the glue to dry.
When the glue is half dry, use this tool to put the lashes as close as possible with our natural lashes.
I personally still need to fix the corner of lashes with fingers ^^ So, IMHO, the function of this applicator is only to put the fake lashes as close as possible with our natural lashes.

If you've read my old blogposts about D'EYEKO eyelashes, I always say that I really love the glue! And now.. it comes in a full size bottle!!
The applicator is so thin, perfect for applying glue on the string. Is it only me that feel the glue texture is lighter than the small sized one? I need to shake it well before using it to get the better texture so it wont spill to the lashes.
Conclusion, I actually prefer tweezers than the lash applicator because I'm already a pro in applying false lashes with tweezers, even when I'm inside a car on my way to somewhere LOL. But this D'EYEKO Starter Kit is good for beginner, because everything you need for learning is in the box! And you need no worry about the quality. =) Oh and I love the D'EYEKO True Glue! Definitely a product I'll always bring in my makeup pouch =D

Price: Each of them is IDR 90,000. Quite affordable! ^^
Hope this review helps ^^ See ya!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Lady in Black feat. Luna

Hi all!!

What is your favorite animal? Mine is cat!! I love cat! Especially the black one. There's a lot of myth about black cat, mostly negative and scary. Even in our country there's a myth that black cats could wake the dead if they stepped over the body. How awesome it is!? LOL

IMHO, black cat is very adorable. They look like ferocious mini-sized panther but very cute at the same time. My black kittens, Luna & Puma are very spoiled. They often petting my feet, hands, body, face and constantly seeking my attention by meowing out loud almost every minutes (-_-"). They also very smart and playful. There's no reason for me to hate them. Their silhouettes are effortlessly cool!

Black cat inspires me to make this look, Lady in Black. A mysterious lady who has cheerful soul inside. This character contrast can be seen in her colorful eye makeup. So, enjoy Lady in Black! ^^


Eyes detail
Without flash
Meet my Luna!! ^^

Luna looks frightened in the left picture below.. XD
See ya!
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