Thursday, December 18, 2014

Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion

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As a person who loves sweet treats, I really love honey! Because Honey has lots of goodness for our body. Honey is also good for our skin. It can moisten and soften our dry skin. But I don’t like the stickiness every time I apply it directly to my skin =D. That’s why I’m so happy when receiving these products, Natural Honey Pure Honey Lotion.
Natural Honey is intended for women who believe that beauty comes from a simple thing; being herself and radiating beauty from within. With a special formula that is inspired from Pure Honey derived from high quality natural sources, combined with the latest technology which can maintain its purity, which is believed to provide natural moisture that can brighten our skin. Natural Honey makes a woman look elegant, confident, attractive and comfortable in any situation.

The bottle comes in a curvy shape, using glossy high quality plastic material. The color looks like real honey, yellowish gold, in a simple and classy design.
The information is so clear and easy to read.
It consists of two sizes, 100ml and 200ml. The 100ml bottle is so handy and travel friendly.
The texture is rich and quite creamy.
It doesn’t fall quickly if we place it upside down.
There are four Variants; Natural Honey Anti Oxidant, Natural Honey Moisture Rich, Natural Honey Pure White and Natural Honey Firm and Youthful.

1. Natural Honey Anti Oxidant
• Pure Honey
• Orange Extract
• Vitamin E
Outdoor activities requires us to be exposed by direct sunlight and bad environmental conditions such as dust, air pollution, fumes, etc. This Natural Honey Antioxidant can protect our skin from those problem. It moisten our skin very well. Contains Pure Honey which serves to maintain softness and skin health, Orange Extract and Vitamin C which act as antioxidants. The formula can is quickly absorbed and not sticky. Apply to entire hands and body after taking a shower to keep our skin always soft, healthy and protected from bad environmental conditions.

2. Natural Honey Moisture Rich
• Pure Honey
• Olive Oil
• Vitamin E
Sometimes we don’t realize that hot air, being in the air-conditioned rooms in a long time, stress or unhealthy lifestyle can affect the health of the skin, such as rough and dry skin surface, cracked at the elbow and heel area. This Natural Honey Moisture Rich is very rich in natural nutrients to care our skin. Contains Pure Honey which serves to maintain softness and skin health, Olive Oil and Vitamin E which can soften and refresh the dry skin. The formula is quickly absorbed and not sticky. Apply to entire hands and body after taking a shower to keep our skin always healthy, fresh, and luminous.

3. Natural Honey Pure White
• Pure Honey
• Yoghurt
• Vitamin E
• Vitamin B3
• Double UV Protection
Unhealthy skin conditions often make our skin look dull. To keep skin healthy, avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Protect and take care of our skin with Natural Honey Whitening rich with natural protection. Contains Pure Honey to maintain softness and skin health and Yogurt which is rich with natural nutrition for skin. Vitamin E, B3, and its Double UV Protection capable of inhibiting the formation of melamine, so our skin becomes more white and protected from the harmful effects of UV A and UV B sun. The formula is quickly absorbed and not sticky. Apply to entire hands and body after taking a shower, so our skin looks white and protected.

4. Natural Honey Firm and Youthful
• Pure Honey
• Yeast
• Collagen
• Vitamin C
This variant works intensively to tighten the skin, so it looks younger. With Yeast extract as a skin conditioner to maintain skin’s smoothness, Vitamin C which is useful to help formation of collagen, making the skin firm and more white and Pure Honey which helps health care and tenderness of the skin. Natural Honey Firm & Youthful formula is quickly absorbed and not sticky. Apply to entire hands and body after taking a shower on daily basis to maintain the firmness of the skin, so we will look younger and beautiful.

Overall, I like this product, especially Natural Honey Moisture Rich, because my skin is very dry. The lotion absorbs so quickly into the skin, so it won’t left any sticky effect. All of them also has a nice relaxing scent, just like its natural ingredients.

For more information, visit Natural Honey website and facebook page.

Okay.. that’s all my review!! This product review is the collaboration of Natural Honey and BBlog Indonesia.

See ya!!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

GAP Established 1969 Imagine & Inspire Eau De Toilette

Hi all..!

We all are familiar GAP right? GAP is an American multinational clothing and accessories retailer. IMHO, this brand is identical with something casual and simple, yet classy. Besides fashion goods, now they also released Eau De Toilette called GAP Established 1969. I got two variants, Imagine (for woman) and Inspire (for man). The bottle is wrapped in a solid color box with a simple design. The white letters are embossed, so it's clearly readable from a distance.
The bottle has the same color with the box. It's pinkish purple for Imagine and emerald green for Inspire.
The cap is made of plastic in silver color. It has a characteristic of the GAP 1969 premium jeans button.
We can read the ingredients at the bottom part of the box.
The concept of this fragrance is “Wear your color, your mood, your scent”. This colorful new fragrance is Authentic, Unique and always Real.

- Imagine: An Imagine woman is a happy person who is ready to let the life bring her to another places. She still tries to find out who she is. It's not a problem. It becomes a motivation. Enjoyment of daily life make her smile. She has her own style in cheerful colors. Just like her style, she uses fragrance as expression. She has a classy cheerful soul, fun and full of life.
- Inspire: An Inspire man is full of life and energy. He follows the intuition of a way of life that has been known by him. For him, it is a hard work which is fully realized and more focused. As a man, he has a self confidence that can give strength to always achieve what is desired anytime. Whether watching a concert and share the vibration or biking to work, those all was a promise to enjoy his life. His scent is his character and a way to communicate with the world. He is energetic, passionate and confidence.

- Imagine: Sparkling, Floral, Fruity
Top: Pink grapefruit, sparkling mandarin, passion fruit, pink lady apple, white nectarine
Mid: Apple blossom, english bluebells, pink jasmine
Dry: Whitemusk, sandalwood, cedarwood
- InspireFougere, Aromatic, Wood
Top: Vibrant Bergamot, Coriander, Kaffir Lime 
Mid: Spice, Wild Lavender, Crushed Ivy Leaf
Dry: Sequoia Bark, Neon Vetiver Accord, Oud Wood

- GAP Established 1969 Imagine 100mL EDT - IDR 375.000
- GAP Established 1969 Inspire 100mL EDT - IDR 375.000

This fragrance is made in USA. We can check at the bottom of the bottle.
Personally, I really like the scent of GAP Established 1969 Imagine, so light and fresh! It can make me feel younger than my age instantly =D Definitely can boost up my mood everyday. However the staying power is just like another EDT, 2-4 hours. So we need to spray it several times a day (me 3-4 times). I always bring this fragrance on my bag these days! ^^

Okay that's all my review.. I hope it's useful for you =)

See ya!!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick – Neon Red and Neon Pink Review

Hi all!!

Year end is just around the corner. Have you recapitulate your 2014 resolutions and make the new ones for 2015? =D Okay.. beside thinking about that, you also have to prepare your year end plan too. Whether you will gather with family, or attend the year-end party with friends? If you choose the second option,  I have something that might be useful for that special day.. Yup, Year-End Party Makeup Look Tutorial!! ^^ This time I'm using Maybelline New York products.

Before sharing the makeup tutorial, here I will share my review of Maybelline Color Show Lipstick that I used for this look. Here they are:
The tube is made of black sleek plastic with a colored part in the middle. The color represents the actual color inside.
I got two shades; Neon Red and Neon Pink. What was popped in my mind when I see “Neon” word is..  the color would be so bright like stabillo color. But actually its color is not that bright but quite vibrant in a single sweep.
The texture is creamy and glossy. It glides on easily on my lips.
See? It is not fluorescent-bright ^^ See, we can still use it for everyday makeup.

The staying power is also quite good. The color is still visible even after eating and drinking.  However, I still need to re-apply in a single sweep to maintain the color.

And, another news is, it smells so good like sweet syrup! ^^ Love it!

Overall I love this lipstick! I love the creamy and moist texture, the scent and the  glossy result on my lips. However, I think the packaging needs an improvement, because the current one is too simple IMHO.

Okay.. let's continue to The Year-End Party Makeup Look tutorial. I used Maybelline Color Show in Neon Red =D
The end result with flash:
The end result without flash:
Speaking of year end party, Maybelline New York will hold the first signature year-end event in Jakarta! Yupp!! It’s Maybelline Year-End Street Fashion Party, on December 7 2014. The theme is Pastel Color, it sound sweet right?
The good news is.. you can get a free ticket (valid for 2 person) for this event! You can also get a chance to take pictures with Maybelline’s Brand Ambassador, Velove Vexia.


Just join the 4-day makeup contest on my Instagram.

1. Create your year-end party look.
2. Follow @MaybellineINA and @nonacarryn on Instagram
3. Post your look on Instagram and tag @MaybellineINA @nonacarryn with the following hashtags: #MOTDbyMNY #MNYYearENdParty #SisterCarryna

I’ll announce the winner on 6th December 2014!! =D On 23:59!! XD So, hurry up, ladies! ! I’ll attend this event too so see you there.. =)

Okay that’s all my review and information. I hope it‘s useful for you..

See ya!
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