Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review & Makeup Tutorial – Maybelline’s Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner

Hi all!!

All of you should already know that I'm crazy about eyeliner!! =D Yupp!! That's why I'm so exciting in making this post because the product is very interesting, Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner. Actually this is not a new product, but the colors are amazing! Here are shades that I have:
It comes in a slim plastic bottle. The color represents the actual color inside. The lid also serves as a brush. It's very thin, so we can use it to draw a precise line.
The texture is thick and dry quickly. The color is very vibrant with metallic effect. You can see it shines beautifully on my skin, with & without flash:
Here are the swatches on my eyes, with & without flash:
Silver Trance
Violet Volt
Lazer Green
Electro Shock
It's time to say good bye to black eyeliner lah.. Haha I'm kidding! But these colors make me want to wear it everyday!! ^^ I love it all but my most favorite shade is Lazer Green:
Anyway, like I’ve said in the previous post, here I’ll share to you 2 looks which are inspired by Maybelline spring/summer make up trend.
This is the original look of Orange Burst:
And here my version of Orange Burst, I add gold eyeshadow and green eyeliner using Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner in Lazer Green on the eyes and yellow nail color. Enjoy the tutorial! ^^
Eyes detail..
Final look with flash..
Final look without flash..
The original look of Sugar Red:
In my version of Sugar Red, I use shimmery grey eyeshadow and silver eyeliner using Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner in Silver Trance. I love the ombre red lips in this look =D
Eyes detail..
Final look with flash:
Final look without flash:
What do you think? Both of the looks are so simple right? I'm pretty sure you can try it easily right now on your face =D

Anyway again... haha.. I give you a bonus because I really like these eyeliners.. Here is my super fancy look using 5 shades of Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner!! I didn't use eyeshadow at all.. only eyeliner and mascara..
The final look..
Overall.. I really love this Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Liquid Liner. The color can boost up my mood instantly ^^ It is also easy to remove with water. My only advice is, do more practice in using the brush, especially if you are the beginner. Use it as often as possible in order to make your hand run smoothly in using it.

I hope this post helps you! See ya!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year 2015

Hi all..

I would love to say..

Happy New Year 2015!!!!
I hope this year will be better than the last =D

As usual, I don't make any resolutions. But maybe I'll make some of to do lists or goals to achieve lists. I already bought an agenda book to make me more organized a bit. Hehe..

Here are my #365photosdiary, taken from my instagram.. Anyway this is a fun idea. I plan to do this project in every year. So at the end of the year I can compile it and make a scrap book from these pictures. Although sometimes I skipped posting any photos, but this is so fun! And this year I'll change the hashtag into #mylifein2015Can't wait to take my first 2015 picture ^^
Okay everyone.. Let's do #mylifein2015 instagram pictures project and enjoy your 2015 moment! See ya!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Maybelline Year-End Street Fashion Party

Hi all..

Few weeks ago I attended Maybelline Year-End Street Fashion Party at Ritz Carlton SCBD Jakarta. It was the first Maybelline New York’s signature event in Jakarta.
I brang my little sister. I also met some blogger fellas there..
This event was also the final of Maybelline Girls Search. So the winner would be announced at the end of the party. Maybelline Girls Search is a program of Maybelline that aimed at helping talented Indonesian girls to continue working with the confidence that can inspire and motivate other girls in achieving all their dreams. From 234 Maybelline Girls Search nominations, only 10 girls who will be selected as Maybelline Girls first generation.

The event was opened with a short speech from Yannis Rodocanachi, Loreal Indonesia general manager of consumer products division. Then followed by the appearance of the Maybelline Girls Search finalists which will be assessed by the judges; Monika Ardianti (Maybelline New York-Indonesia Business Unit Manager), Velove Vexia (Maybelline Brand Ambassador), Ryan Ogilvy (Maybelline Official Makeup Artist), Glenn Prasetya (Professional Photographer) and Kamidia Radisti (from TALKINC). The event was hosted by famous presenter, Dave Hendrick.
Maybelline Girls Search finalists dance on the stage.
Q&A session.
Petra Sihombing sang some of his best songs on the stage.
Maybelline Girls Search finalists also did a fashion show. I love most of Gaudi apparel they wore, so cute and chic in candy colors. Surprisingly, the fashion stylist is my friend too, Shabura Sebastian ^^
Actually I also participated in the quarantine to share about beauty blogging to the finalists, along with a my blogger fella, Via, few days before this event. It was a fun session. I feel very honored to participate in this positive event ^^

Finally.. It was time to announce 10 girls who will be Maybelline Girls First Generation...
Congratulations to these beautiful girls!!
1. Raphaela Natasha (17 years old) - SMAK Tirta Marta BPK Penabur, Jakarta
2. Olivia Brenda (16 years old) - SMA Tarakanita, Jakarta
3. Fanggie Deeva (15 years old) - Bina Tunas Bangsa School, Jakarta
4. Verona Avilia (16 years old) - SMAN 24, Jakarta
5. Myrna Cristanto (15 years old) - SMAN 10, DI Yogyakarta
6. Izdihaar Ariiba (16 years old) - SMKN 27, Jakarta
7. Nadya Nur Fadilla (15 years old) - SMAN 74, Jakarta
8. Janna Alilla Timur (17 years old) - SMAN 21, Jakarta
9. Savira Felicia (17 years old) - SMAN 47, Jakarta
10. Nadhira Mauriskha (15 years old) - SMAN 47, Jakarta
I believe these girls will inspire their friends and become successful in the future!

Wefie with the gorgeous Velove Vexia.. =D
OKAY! Actually in this event, Ryan Oglivy also introduced the 2015 spring/summer makeup trends, themed "7 days in colors". I watched it seriously until forgot to take a picture. but I will show you two looks which are inspired by two theme of "7 days in colors", Orange Burst and Sugar Red in my upcoming blog post, so.. see ya!! ^^
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