Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub and Nourishing Hand & Body Cream

Hi all!!

Honestly I rarely do body treatment at Salon, Spa, etc.. because I don't have much time lah! =( That's why my skin is very dry and sometimes flaky in certain parts. I don't want this condition last forever. So I started to spare a little time to do my own body treatment at home. Thankfully, my friend sent these products that I can use for a simple self care for my body skin. Here they are..
Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream and Smoothing Sugar Scrub
Both of them come in elegant goldish packaging with honeycomb icon accents. It makes them look expensive though the material is plastic. These products were made in Poland.
1. Oriflame Milk & honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub 200ml
This product contains organic milk, honey extracts and sugar crystals that supposedly can exfoliate and smoothen skin. 
I haven't try sugar scrub before. It has thick texture like honey with sugar granules in golden yellow color. It smells fresh and sweet!!
I read articles, some of them say that sugar scrub is good for sensitive skin (like mine!). It is also very easy to use. Simply apply this scrub on wet skin and rinse. There's no direction in the packaging about how many times we should use this product, so I use it every night when bathing! Yes, my skin needs help so bad! After rinsing, the skin still feels slippery, not rough. I feel a significant change in my skin, although not extreme. It looks cleaner and softer. I still use this product everyday, until it's empty later, maybe I will restock for the sake of beautiful skin =D

2. Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream 250ml
The jar reminds me of Winnie The Pooh's honey container. Transparent jar makes us easier to see how much cream is left inside.
It is sealed by aluminum foil when the lid is opened.
It has a light creamy texture in ivory color. It doesn't fall at all when I put on the finger facing down.
The fragrance is almost similar to the scrub's, but milder. It feels soft and smooth when applied on skin.
Here is the before after picture:
Can you see my skin becomes more lustrous?

I usually use it after bathing with the sugar scrub at night, before sleeping. I really love the feel on my skin when I wake up in the morning. My skin is very moist and chewy. It absorbs into my skin perfectly. =D

Overall, I really love these products!!! I can feel an improvement in my skin. I will probably buy it again when it runs out. I wish there is a larger size, so it can be used much longer. 
One of my concern, this product isn't sold widely in stores. We should contact Oriflame agent that we know. Or if you want to give it a try too, just contact my friend, Helga Swadharma, through her email: ultragakun@gmail.com. You can also order the other Oriflame products from her.

Yeah! That's all my review today. I hope it's useful to you.

See ya!! =D

Saturday, August 23, 2014

3 Armando Caruso Essential Makeup Brushes

Hi all!! 

Today I'm going to share my review of 3 Armando Caruso makeup brushes from AYOU Beauty. I ever bought a set of Armanda Caruso travel size makeup brush with case before. I like it because the quality is good and affordable. So I'm very excited to try their regular brushes, here they are..
Each brush comes in a plastic packaging.

1. Armando Caruso Kabuki Brush for Powder/Foundation (AC102K)
Kabuki brush is one of makeup tools that should exist in every makeup case. This product is made of green shiny plastic material with gold accent in the middle. This brush is a handy size to carry in a purse or travel bag.
When opened, there is a gold section that can be adjusted up and down to set the width of the brush. 
The brush hair is made of white synthetic hair with a black tip, quite thick and very smooth. It looks strong and not easily fall.
This is what I mean that you can adjust the width of the brush. I usually use it both of these ways:
1. Use the first position (the black tip only) to apply liquid foundation or blusher
2. Use the second position (full brush) to apply powder
Price: IDR 155,000

Based on my experience, this brush is very useful and very convenient to use. With the right moves, it can spread liquid foundation, blusher and powder perfectly.

2. Armando Caruso Blending Brush (AC102K)
This brush is not too long, quite fit in our hand. The wand is made ​​of wood with a black matte finish plus glossy black plastic for clamping the brush hair. There's Armando Caruso logo in the middle of the wand.
Matte finish wand makes it less slippery when used.
The hair brush is so soft and short. I can't even tell if it is synthetic or real hair.

Although this is a blending brush, we still can use it for other purposes. I usually use it these ways:
1. Use the first position (the front) to dab powder eyeshadow on the lids, then blend it.
2. Use the second position (the side) to apply eyeshadow on the creases, then blend it.
Price: IDR 32,500

Based on my experience, this brush is very useful and multifunction. If you are too lazy to use many brushes for an eye makeup likes simplicity, this brush is enough for creating a simple beautiful eye makeup. The price is so affordable for a good quality brush!

3. Armando Caruso Slanted Liner Brush (AC707)
This brush is slightly longer than the blending brush above, with the same wand materials.
The brush hair is lighter than the blending brush. It is so thin and soft, perfect to create a precision line.
As an eyeliner junkie, angled brush is a must have makeup tool to apply gel liner!! But it can be used for other purposes too. ^^ 
It can be used to apply eyebrow powder or blend the eyebrow pencil, to apply eyeshadow under the waterlines and of course to apply the gel eyeliner.
Price: IDR 32,500

Based on my experience, this is also a multifunction brush. It can create precision line and blend the color smoothly. The price is also affordable!! 

Overall, I think the quality of Armando Caruso brushes are good with reasonable prices. It can be used for daily makeup. These 3 brushes are enough, especially for beginner who still confuse what kind of brush you should have first. So, I highly recommend these brushes to you!! =D

Where you can get it?
AYOU Beauty
instagram: ayoubeauty,
facebook: AYOU Beauty.

That's all my review, hope it will be helpful for you. And don't forget to wash your brush regularly!! =D

See ya!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hair Cut, Coloring & Digital Perm at D'Height

Hi all..!

Today I'm going to share my hair make over experience at D'Height Salon. Yup, if you follow my instagram, you must already know that my hair is change to be like this:
If it's neat.. =D

Okay let's get started!

First, as usual, my hair was washed by capster.
Then Koko Jimmy came, he's the hair stylist who would handle my hair. I got a medium layered haircut =) My hair is very thick, it should be thinned before permed so it won't be too fluffy.
Next.. Digital Perm process. I was handled by Novi & Toy. It was the first time my hair got a digital perm. I only ever tried regular perms when I was a college student. What are the differences? The rollers that is used on Digital Perm is slightly larger than regular perm rollers. It is connected to a hose, which will transfer the heat from the hairdryer. The cream is also thicker than the one that is used on regular perm. Time required for digital perm is shorter than regular perm, but it depends on the hair.
 Here are the rollers that I mentioned before:
And here is after they connected the hoses into it.
They also put pads and tissues between rollers and our hairs/skins to prevent burning. Then Novi turned on the hairdryer and transfered the heat through the hoses.

After a few minutes, the hair was given a neutralizing fluid. Once the liquid was spread evenly, they opened the rollers one by one. Tada .. My hair has turned into curly, Yaay !!
Once rinsed, they blow-dried my hair as the preparation to the next process.
The last process was coloring! Actually I still liked my previous hair color. But my hair needed to be repainted because the color has faded. So, Toy gave me a mixture of brown + red colors.. I prefer the light hair color because it makes me look younger lah! Haha..
 Last.. they blow-dried my hair again and then styled it.
 Koko Jimmy and Novi styled my hair only with water, hair mousse and finger.
But the result was.. cool!
Novi said, Digital Perm leaves hair so easy to style at home, and it looks natural ^^ but we have to do hair-spa and vitamins routinely to prevent hair dryness and damage.

Voila!! Before-after pictures with & without flash:
What do you think? ^^

D'Height team and happy me =D
All of the process above only took 3 hours!!! Wow!! Fast isn't it? =D

D'Height salon interior is designed with modern-minimalist and elegant style.
This picture shows my hair from front, side and back view.
Novi told me that this curls will only last for approximately 2-3 months. After that I need to redo the digital perm again or change it into another style. 

It also looks nice when I style it like this, more retro, more vintage, very me.. =D
And here is how it looks if I only comb it with fingers and leave it dry naturally after shampooing.
Overall, I really love the result! So fast and effective! D'Height salon gave me a very good service and the more important thing is.. friendly team =) They made me comfortable during the hair make over process. The location is also reachable.

So, do you want to try digital perming too? Or just need to get a new haircut? New color? I recommend you to visit this place!

D'Height Salon
Central Park, UG Floor Unit 109
Jl. Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta, Indonesia 11470
Instagram: dheight.team

Thank you so much D'Height for the opportunity!

That's all my revew today. I hope this will be helpful for you =D

See ya!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Christina Hendricks Inspired Look

Hi all!!

Yes!! Christina Hendricks!! I really want to make her inspired look since so long ago, finally now I can post it!!! Oh by the way, you already know her right? She is best known for her role as Joan Holloway on Mad Man series.
Why I love her? Because I think she is a perfect woman to describe women at the 60s era! With her flawless skin, red curly hair and of course, a perfect curvy body. I love her so much! And somehow she always good in anything red, red ipstick, red dress, etc..
So, here is my version, hehe..
Her makeup is actually quite simple, and can be used daily. Although my skin is not as fair as hers, the color tone on her makeup still look good on me lah. =D

Products that I used:

Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer
Loreal Paris Lucent Magique Light Infusing Foundation (#N7)
Sleek Concealer & Corrector Palette SPF 15 (Palette 03 357)
Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake (#01 Lace)

NYX Powder Blush (Taupe)
The Balm Instain Blush (Swiss Dot)
Make Over Perfect Shade Blush On Palette (BO 03)

Viva Pencil Liner (Brown)
NYX Eyeshadow Base (White)
28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette (White, Light Brown, Pinkish Brown, Dark Brown, Highlight)
Maybelline Crayon Liner (Black)
Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner (Black)
NYX Eye Pencil (#918 White Pearl)
Morrise Falsie Lashes
X2 New Diva by Exoticon

Ultima II Super Liscious Lip Conditioner
99 Lip Color Palette (Coral Red)

With flash:
Without flash:
Btw, if you notice, my hair is new!! I will tell you my hair make over story on the next post!

Okay that's all my blogpost today. I hope Christina Hendricks will like it LOL, and useful for you.

See ya!

Monday, August 11, 2014

X2 New Diva Blue by Exoticon

Hi all!!

Kali ini saya mau share tentang softlens dari Lensza.co.id lagi. Yaitu X2 New Diva Blue by Exoticon. Packagingnya berupa paper box tipis persegi:
Di dalamnya ada selipan macam-macam warna yang tersedia yaitu blue, brown, green dan grey.
Setiap box berisi 2 buah softlens (sepasang) Softlensnya sendiri dibalut packaging seperti ini:
Dengan keterangan lengkap di bagian seal-nya:
Meskipun diameternya 15mm, namun motif softlens ini tidak penuh sampai batas outline, jadi kalau dilihat masih ada sisa bidang transparan yang mengelilingi motifnya. Keika dipakai, pupil mata jadi tidak terlalu ekstrim besarnya, bahkan terlihat normal ukurannya. Berikut perbandingannya:
Motifnya sendiri cukup simple, garis-garis tipis yang membentuk lingkaran abstrak, terdiri dari 3 warna yaitu hitam, biru dan kuning di bagian tengah.
Meskipun warnanya baby blue, ketika dipakai di mata warnanya tidak terlalu mencolok. Berikut fotonya ketika saya pakai, dengan dan tanpa flash:
Produk: X2 New Diva by Exoticon
Warna: Blue
Curve: 9
Diameter: 15 mm
Kandungan Air: 45%
Ketahanan: 6 bulan (sejak dibuka)
Jumlah Lensa: 2/box
Ukuran: -10.00 s/d 0.00 (Plano) -> Kiri & Kanan boleh berbeda
Harga: IDR 80,000 (terakhir liat lagi diskon jadi IDR 72,000!)
Where to buy? Lensza.co.id
What I Love
- Motifnya simple, ga terlalu mencolok
- Warnanya ga terlalu kelihatan fake
- Nyaman banget dipakai, meskipun dalam jangka waktu lama
- Diameter pupilnya normal, jadi ga terlihat kebesaran
- Harganya affordable
- Packagingnya gampang dibuka dibanding kalau di dalam botol kaca

So far ga ada ^^

Meskipun berwarna, softlens ini IMHO masih cukup oke untuk dipakai sehari-hari karena warna dan diameternya ga terlalu mencolok. Saya pribadi sangat suka softlens ini karena mirip dengan warna matanya Christina Hendricks! Ga percaya? I’ll show you my Christina Hendricks inspired look on the next post ya! Pake softlens ini tentunya. Haha.. Here I give you a sneak peek..
Pengen coba juga? Ga usah jauh-jauh nyari optik terdekat, langsung aja cek di Lensza.co.id. Tinggal order, transfer, duduk manis tunggu pesanannya dateng, praktis! =D

Itu aja review dari saya. Semoga berguna buat kamu-kamu yang lagi nyari softlens berwarna.

See ya!
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