Wednesday, November 24, 2010

60's Dramatic Eyes

Hi all.. I showed you the sneak peak of this look. This is one of my favorite make up! Inspired by Twiggy, Sharon Tate, Edie Sedgwick, Ingrid Superstar.. and so on.. 60's! When the eyes were the focal point of the face: smokey, cat eyes, curled and long lashes, dark eyeshadows. This look is gorgeous! It is appropiate for evening parties or other events. Enjoy ladies..

The characteristics are:
pale, neutral lips, matte colors, dark, smokey eyes, lot of mascara (or falsies),
full and long eyelashes, black eyeliner, natural blush.

White oversize shirt -> Cotton Ink
And it looks more dramatic on black & white!
Here is the video how to do it.. ^^

See ya!!


nisa said...

wah bagus bgt tutorialnya...hebaaattt bs jd michelle phan nya Indonesia nih =D

Unknown said...

thanks for visiting nisa-chan!! wuih.. jauh lah sama michelle phan mah XD amiiiin... *dreaming

Gina Havier said...

Carryn ga ngeplurk lagi ya sekarang? hehe seru juga liat plurk make up dari carryn ^^ Akhirnya blogwalking disini deh

desera said...

ngikutin ahh...

loh kok bisa ketemu gina.. hahahhaa

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