Wednesday, November 17, 2010

NYX addict

Wuaaa.. I'm crazy about nyx. Help.. Sometimes I buy it just because want to see how it look on my skin ^^ I dont believe in swatches anyway.. Hoho.. So far my favorite products are Smokey Look Lipgloss, Tan and Natural Cream Blush, One Night in Morocco Pallet, Runway 10 Eyeshadow Pallet, Skintone Eyeshadow Base, Brushes.. Whoooaaa.. so maaany... I think I love almost all of nyx products! XD

These are my newest nyx products:
From left to right:
Waterproof Doll Eye Mascara
Black Long Lash Mascara
(yea baby, i bought 2 more black mascara for myself XD)
Super Skinny Eye Marker
Super Fat Eye Marker
Perfect Red Megashine Lipgloss

And this is my "best buy" things on ebay:
28 Golden Brown Deluxe Makeup Mineral Brush Set
Love It! Love it! Love it!
Sssst... sneak peek of my upcoming video:
See ya!


Fifi said...

That brush set looks awwwwesome! Belinya di seller mana? minta link boleh? aku juga lagi nyari2 brush set. :D

Unknown said...

Aku beli di seller hongkong: celiamakeup. Dia jual macem2 brush set gitu jeng.. Yang satuan juga ada ^^

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