Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yes, I am. I really love Pink color!! I often buy some stuff just because the color is Pink! These are the examples...
Moroccan Rose Fragrance Collection
First, I only bought a bottle of its eau de toilette (yea, right because it's pink, and flowery!). Fortunately, it smells so.. nice!! I love the smell (and the Pink packaging) so much! The smell is not like the traditional rose.. It is so sweet and make me feel like a real lady! Haha.. It is different from the strawberry ones that I used before. Strawberry scent is fresh and agressive, but moroccoan rose is more "down to earth". So I bought the others: body butter, shower gel, body milk, but I couldnt find the bath & massage oil. Next time I'll check another body shop. Love it all a lot! Worth to buy, ladies!!

Hohoho.. I edited this picture just for describing my feeling everytime I use the products. XD

See Ya!

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