Thursday, December 16, 2010


Sorry for not updating.. Somebody has stole my laptop, old digicam, and external hard disk. So I've lost ALL of my portfolios, photos, musics, videos, and many others. They were stolen in my place.. It was strange.. The key was not broken, it was just unlocked. I didnt know why.. Maybe the thief have the duplicate.


At first I was shocked and stressed out. I didnt want to tell my parents. I was crying all night, sad and scared. My boyfriend took me to a medicine man, so I got a therapy. That was the hardest day of my life!

I learn a lot from that moment. I try to let it go although it is hard.. It's not about the tools, but.. all those memories.. all my 6 years works.. they were gone. I feel like I have amnesia!

Now I'm feeling better.. I've moved to a new place (still near that place), but still searching another place that is more comfortable. A place that make me feel save, and no strangers could enter, again. Trauma? yes, I am.

Goodbye my memories.. be good out there..

Her last pic..


Fifi said...

I'm sorry to hear that! That's just horrible! I'd be stressed out too if that happens to me. Once I lost some pictures of my high school years when my old PC died, I was really pissed off. That is nothing compared to your experience though.

Maybe next time you should purchase an external hard disk, copy all your files in it and let your boyfriend keeps it for you? You know, like a backup that is stored some place else instead of your place? Just an idea. :)

Fifi said...

Oh and do you actually know Arqom in person? I saw his blog on your blogroll. :) I know him, he's a friend of my boyfriend and I met him a few times before. The world is so small sometimes! :)

Unknown said...

Hikss... yaaap fifi, I was really sad.. But Im ok now, although still trauma. And I've moved to a new place. Thanks for your idea fifi ^^

I met Arqom when he joined internship program on my old office. Hahah.. what a small world!!

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