Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello World, This is Me, Like Should Be..

Oh... how I miss blogging so much!! Since I lost my stuffs (read: my memories), I have no passion at all on almost everything that I love to do before. I try to bring back my passion to my life again, especially on make up.. And now is the right time I guess.

Anyway.. I've registered FD Kelas Dandan 2011!!* I think it will be the right event to boost my passion in make up again, hahah.. I take advanced make up with Darwyn Tse. Cant hardly wait!!
*And I hope I wont have any sudden rush on that day, such as.. have to work on weekend things.. hiks..

So, Hello cyber world! I'm back daaghling... how are you? ^^

- c -

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