Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Just got back from my hometown, Bandung. I went nowhere when I was there. I missed my home a lot, so I spent all of my time at home. And today, a day after Valentine, is my older brother's birthday, Mas Arief. Wish him all the best in life.

Anyway.. I took some pictures of my sister, Ayu. She is a 17-year-old college girl, majoring in Japanese Literature at UNPAD.
She calls herself "Ayume", her oh-so-called Japanese name XD
Her skin is tan, very different with mine and my older brother's. And her eyes are smaller than me.
She likes playing with her mobile phone, just like another teenage girls.
She eats a lot, but never ever can be fat. Look.. she is so skinny..I love my sister a lot!


Fifi said...

Aww I have a 17 year old all-things-japan obsessed little sister too! lol. Anak jaman sekarang.
I have been to Bandung only 2 times. Very different compared to Jogja. Di Bandung cewek-ceweknya stylish bgt, di Jogja sudah mulai rame yang kemana-mana stylish, tapi belum seheboh Bandung pastinya. Hehehe :D

Unknown said...

Wuaaa.. I know how it feels having a sister who loves japan a lot!! Hehe.. iya di Bandung orang2nya suka banget fashion, terkadang berlebihan ^^ Maybe that's why people call it Paris van Java

Natali said...

aaaw, I love the make up! The hair is also very cute!

Unknown said...

Thanks Nat!! I do her make up that suites on her character ^^

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