Friday, March 18, 2011

New Arrival!

Hi everyone.. I have a very busy week as always.. Huff...

Anyway, I just want to show you some of NYX products that available on my shop: La Beaute.

1. NYX Powder Blush
Expresso, Spice, Natural, Pinky, Cinnamon, Peach

2. NYX Loose Pearl Powder
(trust me, it is amazing!! I really love its pearly effect!)
Yellow Gold Pearl, Nude, Lilac, Very Pink Pearl, Lime Pearl, Pearl

3. NYX Jumbo Eyeliner
(which can be used as eyeshadow too..)
Yellow, Hot Pink, Electric Blue

As a seller, I also buy one of them.. hehe.. I take NYX Loose Pearl Powder in Lilac. I love its soft-pearly effect! Next time I'll show you my eyes of the day with it.

I also really curious with NYX Powder Blush in Cinnamon, that super-orange color is SO WOW! But I dont take it. My office mate buy it (yipppiiiiee!!), and some of ladies in my office cant stand to try it on their face. The result is... GORGEOUS! It gives a sun-kissed effect, and also match with many skin tone, from fair to dark. Here is the example:
Amie, my partner =)

So I put this Cinnamon Powder Blush to my "next to buy" list, also some of my office mate's.

That's all I can share to you today, dont forget to visit La Beaute.. =)

See Ya!

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