Sunday, March 20, 2011

Suddenly 25

Hehe.. I am really happy today! Cause today is my birthday.. XP

Watched Suede concert last night, then had a very late dinner with my bf and mates, saw Supermoon (although it was not as big as on the other side of the world), got a present from my bf, karaoke.. hoho.. I love this day!! And it's SUNDAY! Perfect.

I wish.. mm.. should I have a wish? Ng.. ok. I wish everything is gonna be alright.. like Bob Marley song. XD

Anyway.. as I told you in the previous post, this is my eyes of the day using NYX Loose Pearl Powder in Lilac as eyeshadow..
This pearl powder is very cute!
I apply it on my lids using eyeshadow brush, after mixed it with water (make it easier to apply).
Its pearly effect makes my eyes look fresh!
This is the packaging.
If you want to have one, you can buy it on my shop, La Beaute
Available colors left are Very Pink Pearl and Nude Pearl.
A lot of my office mates love it too ^^
And this is the present from my bf:
This is exactly what I need!! Since my old headphone was broken T_T
(Look at that birthday card, hihi.. cute rite? XD)
Thanks beeep!! XD

Goodnight everybody, I love you all!!
See Ya!!


White Lotus : Beauty on Budget said...

happy birthday dear, have a blast :)

Unknown said...

thaaanks madaaa.. ^^

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