Sunday, March 6, 2011

Shopping at La Beaute

What a superbusy week!! T_T

Do you ever feel bored to your daily activity? I mean.. in our life, we often dont realize that what we do everyday is not something that we want actually do. Hiks..

Anyway.. As a lady, we have a lot of way to bring back our happiness!! One of them is.. SHOPPING!! Hehe.. (altough at the end of the month I often shock when I get the bills). And the best part of shopping is when we can get something gorgeous but still on budget!! Yaay..!! this is the example:
FLD - Black Suede Clogs
Very comfortable, and very light! Hoho..

Guess how much it is!!?
It's only Rp. 199.000!!

Hoho.. Love it a lot!

Oh yes, you must already know that I love make up so much! Especially NYX!! I think a lot of ladies love it too.. It has a lot of colors and also cute products, but still on budget!! Hehe.. So I decide to sell it! You can buy it here:
Not only NYX, I will provide some ladies stuffs.. So, dont forget to add the facebook and follow the twitter. Here are some examples of the products:

Happy Shopping Ladies!

See Ya!!

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