Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day, First of May

Goodbye April, Welcome MAY!! ^^ What a hectic days that I had in past few week.. But I still put some colors on my eyes to face those cloudy days, haha..


Viva brow liner in brown
NYX eyeshadow base in white
NYX S101 eyeshadow in tuquoise
28 eyeshadow palette in brown
NYX pencil liner in black
Maybelline gel liner in black
Stila kajal eye liner in topaz
Maybelline volume express cat eyes mascara

I love the effect of topaz eye liner on my waterline! Not as bright as white eye liner, but still catchy! Anyway.. Is there anybody who love instant food here? I should recommend you this:
La Fonte Instant Pasta!!!

It is very quick & easy to serve! Only take less than 5 minutes! How about the taste? Humm.. yummy!!! Especially the Bolognese one. I serve it with instant corned beef too (hehe..) I think this is one of the best instant food after Indomie Kari Ayam. Haha..

Another random topic.. What kind of accesories do you love the most? Me... of course The Ring!! It is simple and easy to wear. Unfortunately my skin has an allergic reaction if the ring is made from fake metals.. So I have to choose the materials carefully. But sometimes I cant help my self for collecting some of them just because it's cute!! Hehe..
Left to Right:
Black Ribbon Ring Ambassador, Fence Metal Ring ThetaNea, Horizontal Stripes Metal Ring ThetaNea, Black Stone Ring The Little Thing She Needs, White Stone Ring Smesco, Leaves Metal Ring Colorbox.

See Ya, Everyone!!

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