Friday, June 17, 2011

Spring Melody

Currently in love with Korean girlband oops.. I mean cosmetics! Haha.. Especially the BB Cream! Maybe I am late.. It began when I joined an event which was held by my office. As a multinational company, we invited some person from each country, included Korea. They sent two girls.. Sohee and Soon Ah, they looked so young and fresh. I thought they are twenty something.. But guess what!? They are 30 something!!!! I was shocked! XD Then I asked them what is their secret? (actually I really curious wether they had plastic surgery or not =P) They said "2B: Bang and BB Cream!!" I laughed out loud and felt happy! Haha.. Since then Im crazy about Korean products.. What an easy consumer!

After the event I took them to Pizza e Birra ^^ What a great day!
Me between Sohee & Soon Ah (Korean), Audrey & Lilian (Singaporean)
And here is the products that I love the most:
Etude House BB Magic Cream & Collagen Moistfull Smoothing Ampule Primer
They are a perfect couple to make your face looks glowing instantly! Haha.. Wanna see proof?
Im still using concealer to cover some dark spots.. But overall these products are gorgeous!!

Anyway this is my entry for Sariayu Trend Warna 2011 Contest, inspired by "Dendang Rebana". If you think this look is good, vote me here. Or you can join the contest too!! ^^

Thanks a lot and See Ya!


Vani Sagita said...

The eyeshadow color really really looks fresh on you!

Unknown said...

Thanks.. =)

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