Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil

Hi everyone!! Today I will write a review about Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil. This product is from Japan. I know about it from femaledaily forum. Here it is:
The packaging is made from yellow transparent plastic, with a yellow plastic pump on top of it. It is 230 mL a bottle, I think it's gonna last a long long time.. =)

At first I didnt know how to apply it on my face, since the instruction is in Japanese. And stupid me, I had not googled it. So I put some of it on the cotton, and start swept it all over my face. You know what? It was a mess!! Haha.. The cotton was broken, and my face was very oily!! Of course!

Then I googled it. Tadaaa… Now I know how to apply it correctly: Apply to dry face and hands. Massage gently over face. After it is emulsified, rinse off thoroughly. Yaaay!! Suddenly my face feels so clean!! But not on the eyes area. This oil doesn't work properly on it especially if you are using waterproof mascara.

Anyway.. so far I really love this product, it is affordable and easy to use. What I don't like is only the smell.. It's like citrus or orange but in artificial way. (You know what I mean..)

That's all my review.. See you later all!


hanna anindhita said...

Berapaan ini caaaar?

Unknown said...

Sekitar US $ 18.00 Haaan.. itu udah include ongkir beli di ebay ^^ Denger2 udah ada yg versi lokalnya juga (udah ada nomor BPOM nya) di sini, tapi ga "sengangkat" kalo yg beli dari Japan langsung (katanya..).

nisa said...

bener2 ngilangin makeup ya?wahh jd pengen males bersiin makeup pake kapas hehe

Unknown said...

iyaaa nisaa.. terus pori2 berasa mengecil gitu (ga tau karna produknya ato cuma perasaan gw doang XD)

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