Tuesday, August 9, 2011

10 for 10 day 1

Hi everyone!! Im joining femaledaily 10 for 10 challenge. These are my outfits that I will wear in the next 10 days:
1. Kidnapped Ally - stripes tank dress

2. Unbranded white t-shirt
3. Unbranded khaki large size blazer
4. Unbranded tank top
5. Promod - black lace up boots
6. Wondershoe - simple black flat shoes
7. Point One - jegging
8. Unbranded flowery dress
9. Zara - white shirt
10. Zara - dusty black knitted cardigan

Yep, I have to mix & match them ONLY. But I still could use some accessories, like bags & tights. This is my first mix & match:

1 + 2 + 6 + hot pink knitted hat + DIY necklace + brown zara sling bag + brown belt + hot pink socks =
Photos taken by: Puti Adrian

This challenge is very interesting for me. Because as an impulsive person, I often buy things without thinking. And those things just end up in my closet for a long.. long time, while I always keep thinking "I dont have anything to wear". Do you feel the same way too? XD Then, join this contest before it's too late! ^^

See you on the next day!! =)

Anyway.. I love this commercial a lot! Especially the song: When I'm with you - Best Coat.


Stella Lee said...

love ur style dear

stella lee

Unknown said...

Thanks Stella!! Anyway I thought your blog was no longer available U_U Hooo.. you've change your address! ^^

Stella Lee said...

no, ive moved to my own website hehe, i just had time to do blogwalking today, taking care of site by myself is really difficult >.<

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