Sunday, August 21, 2011

10 for 10 Day 10: Finished!! Yaaay!!

Finally! I was very busy in the last 2 days.. A lot of things happens, especially something that make me very happy, I'll tell you in the end of this post ^^. So this is my last outfits for 10 for 10 challenge, I was in a hurry on that day, had to go to photo session for a print ad.. Sorry for my pale face, I had no time to put any make up on it..

2 + 5 + 7 + 10 + milo shawl (debenhams) + brown zara sling bag + gold lindsay sunglasses (guess)
Some random pics:
Yesterday I tried my new NYX powder blush in Cinnamon. I llove it a lot! Look at my orange face XD :
 My Rubi clog is broken.. I will try to fix it tomorrow at Stop & Go.. Hope she'll get well soon.. T_T
Im currently crazy about vintage accesories.. These are some of my new vintage babies that I bought in this week..
Finally!! Something that I've been looking for.. Yep... These lovely things have came into my place.. They fit me perfectly. YAAAAAY!!! *Superhappy
"The fact is sometimes it is hard to walk in a single woman's shoes,
that's why we need really special ones now and then, to make the walk a little more fun"
- Sex and The City -

See you later ^^ !!


Dilla said...

wow finally u get those pair of shoes? congrats :D

Unknown said...

yes daaghling ^^ my best friend helped me to bid it on ebay, and we won! so happy!!

Caroline Robianto said...

ahh very pretty car :D

Rebecca said...

you'll have to let us know whether the westwood shoes are comfortable, i've been thinking about buying a pair for aaaages! and i really hope you manage to get your clogs fixed (:

Unknown said...

Caroline Robianto - Thaaanks car! ^^

rebecca - Yes, they are very comfortable! Make sure you pick the right size. My foot is 24.5 cm long, I choose size 7 USA (38 Europe), they're fit me perfectly! =)

sheillahuang said...

hi carryn.. nice to know you..
cute pair of shoes.. makes me jealous :p where you buy it? thx 4 replay..

Unknown said...

i bought it on ebay =)

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