Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi all! I was so busy in the past 3 days (like always). Busy with my new business, hehe.. Yep.. Me and my friends, Amie, Lukman & Windie has launched our new clothing line yesterday: walc. You can see our "First Step" here: 

We create this clothing line because we love street fashion a lot! Imagine you are walking on the street, wearing comfortable outfit in happy mood, the weather is very nice, the people looking at you because you're in fashion! XD What a life..

Here are some of the collections.. and you know what? They are limited! So grab it fast!!

Candy Shop in Orange Gum Drops & Lemon Marshmallow
The Kite in Blue Bird
 Zebra Cross in His & Her
Photographed by Ida Mustazir

Happy shopping! =)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for the new business! :D

Feel free to check out my blog and let's follow each other :)

hanna anindhita said...

congrats car!

Stella Lee said...

wow!!! your own business! congratulations and i hope all the best for it!

anyway join giveaway opiku yah ;) thanks

Rebecca said...

good luck! if i actually had any money to spare i'd love to help out. damn being a student...

nisa said...

congratulation car!!
semoga sukses bisnisnyaaa :)
By the way I have awards for you:

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