Friday, January 6, 2012

Just Dance: Genie - Girls Generation

You know what? Dancing in heels is so hard! Salute to those girls who always do it in their concerts.

I made a lot of mistakes here.. hahah. I did it at 02:00 a.m, after got back home for some overtime at work. So tired, but who cares? Dancing makes me happy all the time!

Anyway.. Do you have any ideas what kind of dance i should do for the next cover? So Cool by Sistar? Thriller by Michael Jackson? Or else? Feel free to send your request via the comment box. If i can do it, I'll post the video. ^^

Now, enjoy the original video:

See ya!


Marcelle said...

Wow. You memorize all the steps? +_+ that's awesome!

carryn said...

yes i do, hoho..

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