Friday, January 13, 2012

Let The Rain Kiss You

The rainy season has arrived! Yaay! But sometimes it makes me worry about massive flooding that comes every five years in Jakarta. My cold office being colder and colder.. What makes me excited in the rainy season is.. I could wear my knitted outfits everyday! I have A LOT of it, especially the sweaters, because Im from Bandung and it's always cold there.  I rarely wear it in Jakarta because it's very hot in here, even in the rainy days. At least my office is so cold! Brrrr..  Here is one of my rainy day outfits..

 Unbranded Knitted Hat, Zara Knitted Black Sweater, Forever 21 Black Long Tank Top (Inside)
Unbranded Flowery Tights, Aldo Lace Up Boots
  It looks so dirty! Yes, I wear it everyday! And too lazy to clean it. =P

Show your rainy day outfits ladies! And dont forget to bring your cute umbrella! ^^


Malin Aldhagen said...

Really like your blog!
Would you mind following each other via bloglovin maybe? :)

/Malin @

Unknown said...

Of course I dont mind. =) Thanks for visiting my blog!

Style und Sein said...

I like your blog! I support you and follow you now (via bloglovin + google). Hope you follow back!? :)


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