Monday, January 16, 2012

Multi-tasking or Must(i)-talking?

Have you ever do several things at once? Whether it's because of those things must be finished at the same time or just because you love to do it all, nothing left. If yes, do you have any tips to do multi-task, so everything could be done perfectly?

With the busy lives we lead, multitasking can seem like a necessity.

For example, I work in an office. I love my job because it is a good match for my educational background. But I want to learn about makeup artistry in a professional way too, not only learn it by my self. I want to make my clothing line big and famous. I also like blogging, and plan to publish a blog post regularly. I love making comic strips too, and have a lot of ideas that have never been execute before! Last (I guess), I have a new idea for business which I'm sure I'd love to do it, I can't tell you now.

But.. so little time. Sometimes I wish it's not 24 hours a day, but 32 hours! So I still have 8 hours for sleeping.

Maybe I'm just lazy and can't manage my time well. OR Im simply not a kind of multitasking person. Hoho.

Are you a multitasking person? How come? /(O_O)\

*Oh yes! I have to prepare my wedding too! GOSH!


NiaNastiti said...

Hahaha, same with you, i also have many things and dreams to do...
Let's do that step by step and enjoy it ;)
have fun :D
Congrats for the wedding ;)

Unknown said...

yaap! thanks =)

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