Thursday, January 26, 2012

Red Envelope

Like usual, every year my office always threw a party to celebrate the lunar new year. The dress code is "Chinese Costume". Most of us wear the red clothes, but some others put so much effort by wearing vampire costume, emperor costume, etc, so they can be the winner of the best costume. The prize is quite interesting. Because I don't have any traditional chinese outfit, I wear red clothes like most of people.

Red is the color of prosperity and joy. I hope that this coming year holds peace, prosperity and pleasure for all of you and your families and loved ones. Amen.

  Unbranded red dress, Mars & Venus flowery scarf, Unbranded sheer tights, Promod mary jane shoes.
 We also always get the Ang Pao! Yaay!! ^^


Rapuncela said...

nice outfit :)

do you wanna follow me? I follow you :)

Unknown said...

thanks.. you are so cute! I follow you back =)

Glenn Jacob said...

This blog is very nice and informative!
Keep sharing..
Red Envelopes

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