Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Etude House Code: B Strong Eye Cream Liner

Hi all! I want to share my experience using one of my favorite beauty product: EYELINER!

Fyi, I'm currently crazy about Korean beauty products! There are many factor such as: The cute packaging, the branding, the endorser (hehe..), and the most important is.. the quality. I don't know.. maybe because it is made by asian, for asian woman, so almost all of the products work better on my skin than the product from US or Europe. Or maybe the products are just good.

Here is the example..
 Left: My FOTD using Etude House Code: B Strong Eye Cream Liner.
Right: My eyes without flash & with flash.
Product: Etude House Code: B Strong Eye Cream Liner
Shades: #1 Strong Black
Price: around IDR 180.000
Weight: 3g (Comes with eyeliner brush)
The product comes with a cute brush.
Swatches with & without flash.
What I love
- It comes with cute brush that can be attached to the packaging!!^^
- The staying power is VERY GOOD & waterproof!
- Dry so quickly.
- Very pigmented.
- The texture is very smooth and creamy so very easy to be applied.
- The packaging is very light, because it's a plastic.
- Easy to remove. I usually use Maybelline Make Up Remover to clean it.

- A little bit expensive.
- If we don't close the packaging precisely, the rest of the product will dry quickly inside the packaging U_U. So I always close the packaging during the application.
- We have to clean the brush after the application if we don't want the product dry on it.
- It smudged a little when I used it the whole day, because of my skin is very oily and I sweated a lot after spent most of my time in outdoor today. But it smudged less than other eyeliners.
After I wash it with water, it didnt smudge at all! Waterproof!
How does it look after being used the whole day? p.s.: My skin is very oily, you can see it on the picture XD.
It smudged a little on my crease, but still less than other eyeliners.
As an eyeliner junkie, I really love this product! This is one of the best eyeliner I've ever had, hoho.. I recommend this eye cream liner to you, ladies! =) Do you ever try this product? What do you think?

Anyway, find this illustration on pinterest. Whoever made this, I really adore you. Love it a lot! ^^

See Ya!


Fenn said...

Nice review! I am a eyeliner junkie as well, could never get enough of those babies!btw I own that product too. But I think it's a failure as an eyeliner. It dries out very quickly! And hard to apply to my eyelid. I even had to heat it up on my straightener in order for it to work nicely. So far maybelline gel eyeliner is a better option than this. but that just my 2 cents :D

btw do check out my blog, I've got some eyeliner styles you might want to try

Lovely Lue said...

carryn cantik..<3 <3 thx for review !

Unknown said...

Fenn> Hwoaaa eyeliner junkie too, TOSS!! I own maybelline gel liner too and it was my favorite before I met this product. Hoho.. I've checked your blog post and it is very useful! Thanks for posting =)

Lovely Lue> Aiiih.. thanks, beautiful!

Shasha said...

never tried this product.. Thanks for this review! I might put this on my wishlist :)

Unknown said...

Shasha> Iyaa.. dijamin ga rugi beli ini ^^

Faye Curtiz said...

I love eyeliner. I love to discover new design on putting on my eyes. I enjoy it. Thanks.

Faye of Best Eye Cream

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