Saturday, May 5, 2012

Carryn's Kitchen: Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce

Hi all!! I made chicken wings again for dinner yesterday. I think I've found the right recipe with (almost) the right dose of ingredients. Here, I wanna share it with you:

Homemade Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce
 10 chicken wings
 1/2 onion
 3 red peppers
5 cayenne peppers (If you're not that into hot food, dont add it)
2 tomatoes
 4 garlic cloves (Dont add it if you want, I do because I LOOOVE GARLIC!)
 4 tablespoons oyster sauce
 2 tablespoons spicy soy sauce (You can change it with original soy sauce)
 Vegetable oil
Olive oil
 50 ml water
 Salt & pepper
 Vegetables (for "the look"), I choose corn, broccoli and carrots, cooked.


How to make it?
1. Slice onion, red peppers, cayenne peppers, garlics and tomatoes. 
2. Heat the vegetable oil, add the chicken wings, fry until a little bit brown, set aside.
3. On the same pan, heat the olive oil, saute sliced garlics until fragrant.
Add sliced onion, red peppers, cayenne peppers, and tomatoes, cook until half wilted.
Add chicken wings, oyster sauce, soy sauce, water.
Add salt & pepper. (Taste it, add more spices if you want)
Stir and cook until the water seeped into chicken wings.
4. In a circular design, place corn, broccoli and carrots around the side of serving plate.
Sprinkle dried basil leaves over them.
5. Place the chicken wings in the center of the vegetables. Serve hot!
Believe me, it tastes better than the same chicken wings ordered off the menu! XD Because: 1. You know the ingredients is cleaner and healthier (without MSG), 2. You made it with love, by yourself!

Happy cooking and happy nom nom nom! ^^

*tips: mix water and few salt to wash the chicken wings and vegetables before you use it. Just to make sure your ingredients is more clean, and..
Let's start cooking with a theme song! XD
Feist - Mushaboom


Tikka.hadi said...

pagi2 ada yg posting makanan jadi laper ^^ mirip2 ayam goreng mentega mamaku tp bedanya km pake saus tiram dan cabe ^^

Unknown said...

Wuaah pasti enak tuh bikinan mama-mu!!

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