Friday, May 25, 2012

Cheerful Eyes Tutorial

Her name is Onisio, call her Onni. She's a big fan of K-Pop and anything about South Korea! This tan lady is my office mate. She's a strategic planner. Sometimes she teaches Bahasa to Korean children who live in Jakarta. Her daily style is vintage.
Before - After
If you meet her at the first time, she looks like a calm person, but SHE'S NOT! So.. I put some "colors" which are suitable with her real personality: cheerful and noisy! ^^
NYX eyebrow cake (grey)
NYX eyeshadow base (white)
88 matte eyeshadow palette (green & purple shades)
Cherimoya elektra doll eyeshadow palette (green & purple)
Maybelline cat eyes mascara
See Ya!


Gabby Pali said...

I somehow loves the combination between green and purple.. :)seems really fresh..

Unknown said...

me too!! like peacock color ^^

Unknown said...

bagus warnanya. Fresh banget^^

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