Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Messy Curls

Hi everyone, happy sunday! I hope you all will have the greatest Sunday ever! ^^

Anyway.. I wanna talk about hair. My hair is straight, long, and thick. It's dry because I often dye it by myself without any extra treatment after. I also have to wash my hair with shampoo everyday because my head skin always oily. I often bored with my hair style, but still dont know what to do with it. Sometimes I just want to get a new hair cut, maybe 60's bob. But Im not brave enough XD and I sill love my long hair. Or, I want to curl it permanently like I did when I was in college. I curled my hair because I was too lazy to comb my hair at that time XD (mahasiswi urakan). In the end, some of my inner bottom hair became "GIMBAL". And my hair stylist could not do anything to make it back to normal. So I had to let it go.. she cut it off.. hiks… I dont want it happens again to my hair. So.. to cure the boredom of my hair, sometimes I curl it by myself with iron. Here is one of the instant way to curl my hair. Maybe some of you have known this technique, let me know your experience about it. Or if you have any suggestions for me to do it better, just tell me, Im very grateful! Sorry for my bad english.. HOHO..

 How to do Messy Curls with Mini Hair Straightener

Back view.. SUPERMESSY!! XD
These curls last all day long, even without hairspray. Maybe because the heat of mini hair straightener is hotter than regular flat iron. -> Just guessing.

What do you think? It's messy eh? XD


Anonymous said...

Aw, panjang banget rambutnya kak, envyyy >.<

Unknown said...

you look gorgeous on the video kak >.<
catokan km merek apa? Pink nya baguuuss <3

lyra said... envy with your long hair!! ga pernah bisa manjangin rambut segitu..pasti rontok >_<

Unknown said...

Dita & lyra> iyaa.. sampe repot nyisirnyaa.. XD

Bella> Thanks daaghling, lupa mereknya apa, packagingnya udah ilang, random gitu cuma 50.000!!

Farah said...

Color rambutnyaa. Apaaa siiih,baguuus

Unknown said...

XD jujur saya lupa ini diwarnain pake apa (keseringan diwarna) kalau ga salah pake loreal, tapi lupa warna apa..

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