Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Indonesian Beauty Blogger 1st Gathering at Coffee Cabins

Hi all… I got a bad.. bad.. flu for this few days.. U_U Dizzy, my voice sounds like Frank Sinatra's and my nose.. is running like a waterfall.. T_T Anyway thanks god Im still alive! -> too much

Some of beauty bloggers had post about this on their blogs, it's my turn to share about Indonesian Beauty Blogger (IBB) first gathering at Coffee Cabins, Kuningan. It's a quite nice place although the meeting room is so hot, but the foods are ok lah.. And the location is far enough from the crowd, good enough for meeting or private gathering. We can also having karaoke there, but the available songs are mostly old mandarin and korean (without latin fonts). XD

The event was attended by some beauty bloggers that I've met before such as Stella Lee, Mada, Nisa, Ichil, Marcelle, Tikka, Gabby, Endi Feng, Putri Kansil and Bella.. also few bloggers whom I met for the first time: Franky, Silke, Lia, Emily, Rilla, Maria, Emily, and Felicia. Beside introduced ourselves and our blog, we also had lunch together, shared our blogging experiences, played quizzes and games which related to beauty of course, plus a little bit of this and a little bit of that (read: beauty talks ^^) Here are some pictures that describe how fun it was..
Ichil, Marcelle, Me, Felicia
Below: Food & Drink
Stella Lee, Mada, Silke, Maria, Rilla, Bella
Emily, Franky, Lia, Felicia, Tikka
(sorry for the bad angle and lighting ^^)
1st game: Creating smokey eyes in 2 minutes. I join this game with Felicia as my "victim" XD
We all got the presents, YAAY!! XD 
Below: Some candid pictures.
2nd game.. applying lipstick on your partner's lips with eyes closed!!
Hoho.. so funny! Everybody laughed out loud! XD
Karaoke time!! And some random pictures..
All participants (without Ichil & Lia)

What a fun and lovely moment, meet up with people who have the same interests with me: Blog and Beauty! Cant wait to attend the next IBB's events.. See you all later!! ^^

Whitney Houston - Dance with Somebody


Unknown said...

ka carryyynnnn itu muka aku.....kenapa begituu T____T

Gabby Pali said...

Woww you did captured all of us!!! I do really enjoy the event too... the only matter that bother me is the air con!! >_______<

Unknown said...

bella> udah diganti dik bella XD tapi gpp ya blur.. lightingnya ga bagus soalnya disana.

gabby> yeep!! hope they will fix it soon so the customers will feel more comfortable there.

Unknown said...

LOL baik sekali kamu sampe diganti.. terimakasih kakakku, itu agak mendingan wkkwkwk XD

Rebzone Daily said...

Hei Carryn !!!! heboh kali potret awak, saya terlihat nak perompak maskara....tampak seperti chimpanze marah-marah .....

Unknown said...

Franky> Nyahahah... justru itu lucunya, natural XD

Marcelle Yulianne said...

Foto gw yang sama franky kocak bangeeet!! ahahah.. hebat carryn, dapet semua fotonya pas perkenalan. walopun muka gw bakpao abis gitu +_+ ahahaha...

Tikka.hadi said...

angleku dari bawah hehe :p

Stella Lee said...

apa-apaan ini kenapa mukaku jelek sekaliiii!!!
carrryyyynnnnnnn OAO *bacok*

Unknown said...

*waduuh dikomen orang2
Tiduuuur sanaaaah semuanyaa ntar matanya pada kayak panda besok O_O


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