Monday, May 7, 2012

(Wasn't) Born Pretty

 2NE1 - Ugly

Hi all.. this is gonna be a different post than usual. Maybe a little bit deep, because it's my personal thought. If you dont agree it's ok, cause everybody have they own thoughts ^^  This is gonna be a long.. long post.. just stop reading and click my neighbor's link if you're bored XD

Still related to beauty, everybody, especially female would be very happy if they're called pretty, beautiful, cute.. etc. But nobody is perfect. Not all girls are lucky enough to look good physically since they were born. And the society have their own standards to judge which one is pretty and which one is not. What a cruel world, but it's very human.

I remember when I was a little girl, I was so thin, SUPERTHIN, with my rabbit teeth and dull darkened skin XD. Nobody ever call me pretty except my mom and dad who always busy with their works, hahah.. And so did my big family, they never "see" me because Im not physically attractive compared to my cousins. As a naive little girl I didn't care that much. I was nice and clever, that was enough for me. But when I grew up to be a teenage girl, it was an important issue. Sometimes it was so sad when I was hanging around with my girl friends or cousins, the people only attracted to my beautiful friend or cousin. Even the store keeper or driver never look at my face when we talked, their eyes only looked at the beautiful looking person whose standing beside me, I was invisible XD. It was sad people.. really sad. (I write it deep down from my heart, nyahah..). It felt like.. "I cant live in this planet anymore.. Alien please take me to Mars, Pluto or wherever you want." XD Sometimes I wished I could do plastic surgery or something to make me look better XD but I was scared of knife & blood, hate the smell of hospital, and had no money! Hahah.. And my faith doesnt allow me to change my physical appearance if we dont need to.

Back to my life at the present, few weeks ago I went to a doctor, a skin specialist to cure my itchy-sensitive skin. First time I entered his room, he looked at my face, and told me to do a nose job (he could do a plastic surgery too!). And I was like.. (O.O?) I mean.. It's true that I have a flat nose and my face is asymetric but.. Seriously he said that??… I laughed, but he stared at me in straight face like this (-_-). He said a young woman like me should be more open minded and change my point of view about physical appearance. And I have to do some plastic surgery procedures to make my life happier. I can not say that I dont agree or agree to what he said. But.. I was amazed. I dont know why he did it, whether he just wanted to promote his clinic (he gave me his name card, you can call me if you are interested XD) or he said it deep down from his heart, my face is that ugly on his eyes. LOL. Even he talked about nipples, he said if women want to look good in bikinis, we have to remove our nipples because they are gross. I was like (O.O?) Who does he think we are? Barbie?

Beauty. what is it? Is it that matters? Yes it is. We are human beings who need recognition both physically or mentally. But should we change our physical appearance permanently to be more attractive? For the sake of any "beautiful" words? Is it that important? If I am a rich girl maybe yes I'll do. Nyahah.. But God is fair, he creates us as we are now on purpose.  I talk to myself and think hard. Maybe if I was born pretty my life will not be the same. I wont be a person whose trying so hard to get what I want (some pretty creatures can get what they want easily, right? XD), I wont be as nice as I am now (Am I? Hahah..) and the most important thing is.. I wont be that into make up like now! I find my passion in make up, I fall in love and addicted. It can correct our shortcomings without change it permanently. Yes it's hassle, but it's fun! I could know myself better through make up. I know which part of my face should be showned up and which one should be covered. Thanks a lot to beauty companies who make our life easier!! Also thanks a lot to beauty bloggers and vloggers who inspires me so much! Thanks a lot to people who love me just the way I am! You guys have changed my life a lot! XD

And now beauty is no longer the biggest issue in my life. The most important thing is being a positive person who love my self, god, family and my lovers more. Although other people cant see it, it makes me feel beautiful! It works! ^^

Happy monday pretties!!
 My FOTD: simple make up + smiles! ; )
See ya! 


Shasha said...

I am listening ugly by 2ne1 in my office while I read your post (such a coincidence ha5).
Well, I shared the same experience with you. Peoples always compare with my sister / friends (which are more beautiful from me). When I was kid, it was really broke my heart, when peoples not look on me and only consider me as a “cameo”. But nowadays, I found beauty isn’t really everything, just be yourself and live happily ^^

Anonymous said...

omggggg *toosss*
me too!!!!! even im feeling like my brother prettier than me *0*
and if i hangout with my bestfriends, people (mostly boys) always look at my pretty friends, not me *-*
but i found out its good thing too not being pretty. cause my pretty friends always got terrors from many boys, and actually it scare me enough.. kkkk..

But, i just love the way i am now!!!

NiaNastiti said...

Hai Carryn, good thought i think...So many people doesn't satisfy with their face, but the people which satisfied with their own are the most happiest people all over the world.
Youre beautiful just the way u are, hehehe... You are more beautiful when u smile :D, so keep smilin ya cantiiik ;)

Fifi said...

That doctor is so rude! Giving opinions without you even expressing your concern as a patient, that is completely irrelevant. If you bring up plastic surgery first, then it's okay for him to say that but otherwise... BIG NO. And what's up with this nipple business? That is so stupid. Why would we want to remove our nipples just so we could wear bikinis? Like, really? There is such thing as nipple covers you know.

It's true that we have to be open minded in the topic of plastic surgery, but it's up to US to decide whether plastic surgery is something we want to go through or not. It's OUR face! Geez I'm so mad. If I were you I would've debated him on the spot. Nobody gets to size up my self worth just based on my appearance.

You know, sometimes I think that the health/hospital industry is getting more and more insensitive towards us patients. They're all becoming so greedy which is why I only go to doctors my family and I have trusted for years. Something in the system is completely fucked up here.

Unknown said...

Shasha> Ugly is my favorite 2ne1 song! XD Yes, lets be ourself no matter what they say.. *Hugs

Dita> Yeeep, even pretty creatures have problems too, everybody does XD *Hugs

Nia Nastiti> Yess!! Smile is the simplest way to look beautiful =) *Hugs

Fifi> Yes Fifi, I was also a little bit mad at that time, but I still cant believe he said such kind of things like that (especially about nipples) so I just laughed XD *memeface

Agree, I've lost my trust to the health industry since many medical malpractice issues showned up on media. And based on my experiences some of them just want to squeeze our pocket by adding any unimportant medicines or vitamins to my prescription (because i use my health insurance). And after what happened in that skin specialist, I'm completely "ilfeel" XD

Unknown said...

God, I'M CRYING! :')
You wrote with fun words but I know what you mean, really.
Me too.. I was like invisible because I wasn't born pretty. But after I playing a lot with make up and fashion, read and learn a lot to balance my knowledge, I know the best way to make my self looks better. Yah better, not the best nor prettiest but its enough for me. Beauty isn't only what about you see, but also what you feel. Not only about appearance but also knowledge. Just be your self. If you feel comfortable, you'll looks pretty.
Great to know you Dear, I'm your new follower :3

Unknown said...

Chaoi> Awww.. dont cry!!! =( I wrote this post with laugh and smile XD Thanks a lot for reading! =D

Desi said...

Wew..nice share carryn.
It will reminds us as a woman to be proud what we have now :)

Unknown said...

Hah? Who said you're ugly, my pretty cousin? How could they did that? I've been your fan since we were kids... :p Though for so many years we didn't see each other...haha...

hanna anindhita said...

carryyyn, what a very inspiring post deh! lo abis merid jadi makin cling aja sih hahaa.

Unknown said...

Desi> Thanks for reading ^^

rainbow traveller> OMG I just realized that you're my cousin!! (O.O) Yaaap we havent meet again since.. long time ago! XD Nice to meet you here my pretty cousin!

hanna andindhita> Thanks hannaaa XD! Lo juga nambah cling abis merid! Kesimpulan: Merid bikin perempuan makin bersinar (nyahah.. ngarang..)

Unknown said...

2ne1 fav ku hihi :D
iy bener tuhh yg carryn tulis, bacanya jd smangat dan terinspirasi buat makin mahir dandan :p walaupun ada keinginan kecil buat operasi mata biar gede dkit huahahah xD

aku ud follow yaaa ^^

Unknown said...

As long as cosmetics, make-up tools and youtube still exist, everything will be all right dear! XD Nice to meet you Rini!!! ^^

Unknown said...

Agree, ada make up yang bisa nonjolin kelebihan dan tutupin kekurangan. And we're all born pretty. Saat kita mulai berpikir untuk "merubah" apa yang ada di diri kita menurut aku saat itu lah kita jelek :D

Unknown said...

yuup bebe.. beauty magic!! ^^

Unknown said...

Postnya keren, sangat menginspirasi.
Nggak setuju dengan dokternya >.<
Operasi hanya menunjukkan betapa insecurenya diri kita, dan nggak ada yang bisa merubah rasa insecure walaupun kita operasi plastik.

Pernah nonton video, orang yang uda sekali pernah di operasi plastik nggak akan berhenti minta dioperasi lagi karena mereka nggak akan puas juga.

Yang musti dioperasi hati dan pikirannya dengan hal insecure di dalam perasaan dirinya sendiri>.<

Carryn, you are beautiful already.

Waktu pertama mampir ke blog kamu, aku udah merasa kamu cantik banget di foto, dan waktu ketemu orangnya. waw lebih cantik lagi XD

Dengan rambut panjang dan senyuman lebar:) you are so beautiful and pretty.

Unknown said...

AAAA!! Thanks... *jadi ge-er XD

Iyaya baca2 di internet juga kebanyakan orang yang pernah operasi plastik jadi nagih gitu.. serem juga ya. Cape aja gitu idupnya, menidngan uangnya buat belanja atau berlibur.. XD

Thanks for reading dear!! I saw you at Revlon Candylicious event, you are beautiful also..! ^^

Felisia Irma Akemirastiwi said...

Hai Carry gw baca-baca ini gak bosen....sangat menginspirasi <3

Unknown said...

Hi Felisia, terima kasih sudah berkunjung!!! ^^

Unknown said...

Dammit, Karin! The first time I met you at TPB, i found that you're interesting! Yea it is deep, your childhood-tennager issue.
I appreciate it so much that you shared your thoughts about beauty. And i can't stop myself for saying that YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY GREAT!
-Uci, 17004027 *lol

Unknown said...

Wuaaah Uci mampir kesiniii!! *nutupmukapakebantal Thank you so much daaghling!!! XD
Carryn, 17404044

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