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Jimmy Choo Fragrances Press Event & Review

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the words "Jimmy Choo"?

Most of your answer must be: SHOES!!! Yep.. the gorgeous luxury shoes that usually worn by celebrity on red carpet, model on fashion week, and Carrie Bradshaw at Sex and The City (she's one of my muses). But now I'm not going to talk about the shoes ladies.. And maybe you've read about it at my friend's blogs, yep, it's the fragrance! This is gonna be a long post because honestly, it's hard for me to describe the fragrance in words. Some of the words I took from their Press Release. I'm a visual person =P. I can not capture it with my camera except the packaging and the bottle..

Jimmy Choo Eau de Toilette 60 ml & Eau de Parfum 4.5 ml.

Funcdation of Tony Manero - Super Sexy Girl

I was invited to Jimmy Choo Parfum press event at Cassis last week. Other beauty bloggers who also attended were Nisa, Carnellin, Cilla, Hanna and Putri Kansil. It was a private session I guess because there were only us and two other ladies in the room. 

Beauty bloggers with Mr Alexis Vincienne.
The event begin, Mr Alexis Vincienne, the export manager from France, started the presentation. He explained about Jimmy Choo brand itself at the first time. Here is a bit off Jimmy Choo Success Story:

"Founded in 1996 by Tamara Mallon who was Accsessories Editor at British Vogue, when she started the ready-to-wear shoe company. In 1996, frist boutique in New York followed by Los Angeles in 1999. Jimmy Choo became synonymous at the "red carpet" shoe of choice. Jimmy Choo encompasses a complete luxury lifestyle accessory brand, with over 140 locations in 32 countries."

Then he introduced us the fragrances. Launching early 2011, this debut is an essential extension of the Jimmy Choo lifestyle and an integral element in fully accessorizing the Jimmy Choo woman. In short, this is a fragrance for women with a sense of fashion and a taste for luxury. He also showed us the print ad, you can see at the bottom right picture.
Products display and decoration, flowers everywhere.. Love it!
There are 2 kinds of fragrances: Eau de Parfum (EDP) and Eau De Toilette (EDT). EDT is usually less concentrated than EDP. But not for this one daaghling.. They smell different! Even the packagings and the bottles look similar, but different. You can see it here:

Right - Eau de Parfum, left - Eau de Toilette. Do you notice the difference?
Correct! The difference is the color of the square background at Jimmy Choo logo. Black for EDP, silver for EDT. =) Oh yes in case you are curious why the packaging has python skin pattern (and texture), because there's nothing sexier and excotic than snakeskin, a luxe material that has become synonymous with Jimmy Choo shoes and accessories as a deluxe expression of the brand. So it is inspired by a python skin shoe in the current Jimmy Choo collection.

The bottles: right - Eau de Parfum (darker shade), left - Eau de Toilette (lighter shade).
The bottle is inspired by jewel-coloured Venetian Murano glass which itself is evocative of the many jewel encrusted Jimmy Choo stilettos to walk the most celebrated red carpets. The faceted, cocoon shape is voluptuously feminine, embracing the sensual liquid inside. It was very important to create a beautiful and precious bottle which is an object of desire that women will want to keep forever. Recognizing the importance of marrying tradition with contemporary design, the orb-shaped bottle is capped with a silver-edged black cube, striking a note of graphic modernity.

How about the scent?
This is the hardest part to describe.. ^^ At first each notes were sprayed into a flower from handkerchief, so we could notice the difference. Then we smelled the final scent that sprayed into a paper.

Eau de Parfum
"With luminous green top notes providing an initial burst of refreshing brightness, bringing a sensation of glittering radiance. At the heart, an aura of rich and exotic Tiger Orchid lends a creamy seductiveness as the fragrance evolves. Lingering sensual base notes of sweet toffee meld with Indonesian Patchouli to leave a subtle, sensual memory on the skin."

In my opinion, the scent is strong, glam and mature (read: seductive). I can imagine a sexy modern woman with her glamour outfit and very confident walks in a glamour party with this EDP sprayed on some parts of her body. It expresses an aura of strength and beauty.

Eau de Toilette
“When you think of Jimmy Choo, you think of a glamorous woman. She’s stylish and sexy, exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating. For the Eau de Toilette, I wanted to maintain the signature of this captivating woman by bringing it more transparency, while expanding the vibration points to make it more dazzling: pear illuminated with ginger, orchid tinted with rose and cedar that takes over from caramel for vibrant sensuality. Jimmy Choo Eau De Toilette is the imprint of the Jimmy Choo woman, mischievous and provocative, she is a sparkling beauty.” - Olivier Polge, the nose behind the fragrance.

In my opinion, this EDT scent is fresher than EDP. It is sweet in a glamorous way. Imagine you do your everyday activities and still look stylish, gorgeous and dazzling all day long, with a spritz of Jimmy Choo EDT.

I personally like EDT than EDP, because it has roses in the heart notes, I love roses! It is also nice for daily use. But after I arrived at home and smell them both again, I fell in love with EDP too! Haha.. So the conclusion.. we can use EDP for formal occasion such as party, dinner, etc.. and EDP for everyday activities.

Jimmy Choo also has the body lotion which matches with the fragrances. The texture is smooth and not tacky. It is easily absorbed into my skin. It will be a perfect and grogeous combination! 

How about the staying power? 
They have incredible staying power, even the EDT! I've used it some days ago, sprayed it on my ears and hands. The scent lasts for 7-8 hours.. It is gone after I took a bath. But again, it depends on your activities. On that day I just spent my day at the office (indoor).

 Flower shaped handkerchiefs, The fragrance samplings & The Body Lotion.
The event was closed by an active questions and answer session. They also served french meals for us. One cute thing is.. they gave us engraved name necklace as a souvenir (how fast!) and a goodie bag.

 Left: with Mr. Alexis Vincienne. Right: Look at that supertiny EDP, so... cute!!!!
We were so excited posing with Jimmy Choo fragrances. Do I look like a ghost? XD
We enjoyed the meals, and had a really serious talk. Nyahah.. no.. just a casual talk.
The souvenir and goodie bag.
I was surprised they gave us a 60 ml bottle of the fragrance (we could choose EDT or EDP, mine is EDT) and a super tiny 4.5 ml bottle (love it!).
These Jimmy Choo fragrances will available in Indonesian market (Sogo) on August 2012. Here is the retail prices:

Jimmy Choo EDP 100 ml IDR 1.155.000, 60 ml IDR 875.000, 40 ml IDR 545.000
Jimmy Choo EDT 100 ml IDR 1.015.000, 60 ml IDR 785.000, 40 ml IDR 476.000
Jimmy Choo Body Lotion 150 ml IDR 385.000

EDT 60 ml. It's travel friendly.
 EDP 4.5 ml. Supercute isn't? We can just put it into our small clutch.
I don't know if they will sell this size on the market or not.
Okay ladies... I hope this post will be helpful for you to decide which fragrance you should buy. Both of them maybe?  ^^

Last.. these are the quote from the perfumer, Oliver Polge. He received the International Perfume Award in 2009:

Eau de Parfum: “When you say Jimmy Choo, you immediately picture a glamorous woman. She is chic and sexy, exuberant and refined, intriguing and captivating. In her trail, her fragrance must say it all!”

Eau de Toilette: “The Jimmy Choo EDT is a concentrate of pure seduction : an irresistible mix of glamour and impertinence. This is the Jimmy Choo woman imprint, mischievous and provocative. A beauty both demonic and sparkling!”

Thanks a lot Jimmy Choo!!
 Photo group courtesy of Cilla. Love the ambience!!
 See ya! =)

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