Monday, June 4, 2012

Makeup Magazine

 Do I look chubbier?  Yes, I did gain weight! Xoxo..

Hi all! I received a package few days ago. Guess what.. it was Makeup Magazine vol. II! It is the first Magazine Book in Indonesia, supported by inStyle. With the georgeos Jennifer Lopez on its cover, who is the right person for the issue: Sexier, Younger, Fresher! The content mostly about beauty (of course) and fashion. At first I was impressed by the thickness.. until I opened it and.. tadaa..  There's a box inside it! What's inside the box? Lovely stuffs and a discount card from Loreal Paris ^^
 Loreal Paris Youth Code sample, Total Repair 5 shampoo (my current shampoo ^^), Exclusive sparkling mirror (cute!!), 
White Perfect fairness control moisturizing day cream SPF 15 & discount card.
Actually reading is not my hobby, I love reading a book or magazine which consists of many pictures!! (Yes, Im a visual person) And this magazine consists of maaaany pictures! The layout is in modern-minimalist style with nice fonts. I enjoyed reading it! The contents are quite interesting. My favorite article in this editon is "The Trend for The Eyes", which shows us today's eye make-up trend and how to apply it.

I won't post the image of the contents ^^ So, beauty lovers, in case you're curious, go grab it in the nearest bookstore! =) Thanks a lot Makeup Magazine! And thanks a lot Mada who informed me about this =)


Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

OH MY ! beli dimana ? untuk price nya ? ^^

Unknown said...

Saya dikirimin Marsha, dan harganya ga ada di covernya. Kayaknya udah beredar di toko2 buku gitu..

Marsha Karta Swardharma said...

Thank you for fast response ^^. wah asik banget kalo gitu di kirimin. jadi mau cepet-cepet beli. Thank you informasinya :)

Unknown said...

Thanks for reading too Marsha.. ^^

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