Monday, July 9, 2012

Anna Sui Open House

Hi all!

I was attending Anna Sui Open House at Seibu Beauty Lounge, Grand Indonesia last week. The Bloggers who also came are Carnellin and Cilla. I really excited because Anna Sui is an edgy brand. Their fashion, fragrance & cosmetic is very unique! It looks dark (they call it rock and roll) but also sweet & glamour at the same time.
Anna Sui
A little story about the designer, Anna Sui. She was born in an industrial city, Detroit, USA. As an American born Chinese, she didn't have any friend in her childhood. That's why she liked to dream and imagine. We can see her imagination at her works. She believes in unicorn, fairy, dreamy creatures. Her favorite colors are black, red, and purple. No wonder those colors dominate most of her works. She also likes rose, butterfly and heart shape. So feminine.. Every product that she creates has its own story, such as Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder, which inspired by her mom & grandma jewelery box. Lovely isn't it? Sui it self is her family name, but it also means "Pretty" in Chinese. What a coincidence!

She wanted to be a designer since she was 4 years old. One day she attended Parsons, a famous Fashion School in New York. And luckily she met a famous photographer, Steven Meisel. She work as his fashion stylist. Until one day Steven Meisel support her to make a fashion show using the new models. That was the first Anna Sui's show. It was very success.

For the make-up do, Anna Sui style is edgy, colorful and dreamy! She loves colors, glitters, and also flawless skin. She wants every Anna Sui ladies look efforlessly beautiful but also vibrant. She loves contrast I guess.

Anyway.. it was a very casual session. We felt like visiting Anna Sui's house, talking, eating the foods, all in a casual way. We also did a make over. At first I was too lazy to erase my make up. Then Carnellin told us "When you arrive at home, you'll regret if you dont try the products right now". OK! Then me and Cilla tried the products also.. Hoho.. Yes, I loved the result so much! And you know what? Their cosmetics have the rose scent! I love roses! I love their scent.. ^^

Watch out readers.. This post consists lots of pictures!! Hoho.. Because I want to share a lot of cute stuffs from there! Ready? Let's get it started!

My look to the event. Roses everywhere.. ^^
Their neon box display welcoming us at the entarnce.
The model looks very Anna Sui: Rock & Roll and also Sweet & Glamour.
Their product displays. Classic & cute isn't it?
Some details..
Another product displays.. Dark, Classic and Supercute at the same time!!!
They served some lovely foods & drink. The Anna Sui team explained us about Anna Sui herself,
her history, and how the brand was created. Then.. Carnellin was choosen to be the make-over model ^^
Anna Sui Balancing Cleanser & Balancing Lotion with serum. Only 2 steps to make our face clean & moist. Simple & easy!
Anna Sui Foundation Primer SPF 30 & Fluid Foundation (My shade is 103) with Soft Focus Powder,
they call it "Trick of Light" technology. It can makes poreless, softer, silkier and more translucent finish.
Anna Sui Cheek Brush (we can adjust the brush strokes size, just twist it). Size: 10 cm, brush length: 4 cm.
Anna Sui Protective Loose Powder SPF 20 (transparent). The packaging is so classic, like a jewelery box.
It comes with a cute soft purple puff.
Below: Anna Sui Eye Color Duo (07). 1+1=3! Magic! Use each shade alone or blend together to create a new shade!!
Anna Sui New Eye Color (600). It consists the glittery powder. Below: Anna Sui Eye Colors Palette.
Anna Sui Loose Compact Powder SPF 16. Yes, it is loose powder on the go format! Travel friendly!!
Below: Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner. It is water-resistant and very easy to use with its pen-shape brush.
Right: Anna Sui Perfect Mascara. Look at that fairy magic stick! How cute! It can defines & uplifts our lashes.
Anna Sui Lash Amplifying Mascara. At first I thought this was a nail polish. I was very surprised when they told me this is a mascara. 
I really love the pink one, and cant stand to try it on my lashes.
Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact. This best selling product can boost up the 3D effect on our eye brows!
It comes with dark & gradation shades for defining a natural 3D eyebrow.
Below: Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color (600). 1st word that came to my mind when I saw this product is: CUTE!!!
Yes, I fell in love at the first sight! We can use a single color or mix the shades to create a very pretty color!
Voila! This is Carnellin final look. The orange tone makes her look so fresh and summer-ish right? Lovely!
Here is the detail of her eye do, using the eyeshadows that I've mentioned above.
Below: Cilla, Carnellin and me after being "Sui-fied". I forgot taking Cilla's final look detail (mine too, haha..).
She used powder foundation.
Here is my eyes detail after using Anna Sui products. I used green & pink tone, match with my flowery dress pattern.
Look at my pink lashes! ^^
Here are the complete Anna Sui products that I used.
Photo group with Anna Sui Team & Beauty Assistants. FYI, The BA is using the real Anna Sui's outfit! WOW!
They gave us a goodie bag! Let's take a photo group! =)
My face after I arrived at home. The make up still looked vibrant. What a good staying power!
And this is the goodie bag..
I'm very happy because these 2 products are what I like the most! Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color (301) and Eyebrow Color Compact (03).
Thanks a lot Anna Sui! Thanks a lot to Carnellin too who informed me about this event. We had so much fun and also very satisfied exploring the Anna Sui products! =)

See ya!


Gabby Pali said...

I also love the pink mascara!!! Bagus loh jadinya stand out gitu x3 *hobi pake pink juga di mata LOL*

Unknown said...

Iyaa gabby... lucu banget warnanya! Terus packagingnya kecil, kuasnya juga bikin gampang dipakenya ^^

Yuri said...

I always love anna sui packagings! I imagine it would look fabulous on the dresser table ;)


nisa said...

aaahhhhh nyesel bgt ga dateng!!!!! gara2 sakit sih aaaarrrghhhhhhhhh hahaha cantik bgt rynnn...suka sama makeup nyaaaa :D

Unknown said...

Yuri> Yuup! It is cute, classic and edgy! ^^

Nisa> Thanks niiis... Anna Sui kosmetiknya bagus soalnya XD Setidaknya lo dapet goodie bag juga say, yg penting sembuh dulu.. ^^

Unknown said...

aaaaa packagingnya smua bagis bgt ya >.< lucu bgt itu lashesnya carryn warna pink hihi :3

Unknown said...

iya... jadi sayang makenya XD maskara pink itu emang lucu bangeet! I'll buy it! Hoho..

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