Monday, July 2, 2012

The Body Shop Beauty with Heart Event

Hi all!

I was invited to this event on Wednesday, June 20th at XXI Lounge, Plaza Senayan. Beauty with Heart itself is the new campaign of The Body Shop, It is the combination of inner and outer beauty. There were 3 areas on that event:

1. Look Good area - all about skin & make up
I didnt take many pictures in this area because my camera was suddenly error =( There was a complete product display and make over session in this area. We could try their make up & skin care products here.
A long table display, we can try ANYTHING in here.
One of TBS beauty assitant explained about the product knowledge and how to use it to me. Here are some products that I tried (and already put on my wish list ^^)

Left: Vitamin C Eye Reviver Duo (IDR 229.000), Right: Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz (IDR 139.000).
The Body Shop Vitamin C line is good for oily skin.
I was interested to join their makeover session, but it was full.. so I moved to the next area..

2. Feel Good area - all about body care & fragrances
My camera was still error until totally off. In this area we could try all of TBS products that related to our body: body butter, body lotion, shower gel, fragrances, etc.. We can also get a hand treatment. There was a Photo Booth also, but I didnt took my picture there because I was too busy with my error camera.. XD And when my camera was fine again, we already had to move to their new store at different level. Hiks..

Left: Chocomania line, looks yummy! Right: White musk line, everybody's favorite line I guess.
3. Do Good area - the new Body Shop Store
At first the body shop team gave a little presentation about their company and their CSR. Then we are welcome to explore the store, which has a new concept: earth-friendly! They use certified wood, and also energy-saving LED lights.

TBS new store window display with Lily Cole banner & their new products.

Some corners..

Their campaign..

Some more corners..

Lily Cole large picture on cashier wall. Beautiful!

Their top 10 products on the front table.

Some of interesting stuffs..
What a nice new concept! I'm The Body Shop user (and member), and so proud when I know about this new concept: by using their skin care and cosmetics we can Look Good, by using their body care and fragrances we can Feel Good, and by joining one of their campaign we can Do Good for others.

Beauty Bloggers Photo Group!

And here are the items from the british goodie bag:
Ironically they gave us a lot of paper brochures.. It would be better if they gave us the soft copy or just put it inside the wood flashdisk ^^

Anyway.. Congratulation and thanks a lot The Body Shop!

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