Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Floral Dress & Vintage Makeup

Hi all!

This is my FOTD & OOTD on last Monday. I was in the mood for Vintage, like usual =D. Even some of my office mates asked me "Carryn, do you plan to go somewhere today?" "Nope!", me. "But, you look like you want to hang-out!", them. XD What's wrong with "dressing up", people? Haha.. I just want to express myself through makeup, outfit and hair style.. Here it is..

Highlight: Cut crease eyes, Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color #301 & NYX round lipstick in Sunflower.
 Floral Dress - Atmosphere (Metro), Unbranded Brown Synthetic Leather Belt, Brown Synthetic Leather Bag - Zara,
Unbranded Nude Stocking, Brown Synthetic Leather Mary-Jane Pumps - Wimo (Centro)

I love vintage!! What is your favorite style?

Video Games - Lana Del Rey (I adore her style and her voice)

See ya!


Unknown said...

kyny Carryn banyak ya dress motif bunga :D
eye makeupnya bagus xD

Unknown said...

Iya rin.. Suka banget floral, polka dot & stripes, hoho..

Shasha said...

cantik banget~ cocok dirimu say kalau pakai dres2 vintage gitu hehehe *menurutku sih*

Unknown said...

cantikkk :D
floral dress nya cute carryn

Unknown said...

Shasha> thaaanks daghling, jadul ya muka gw? XD

pwincess bebe> Thanks bebe.. ^^

Adel said...

Nice OOTD! I like the marry jane pumps. It suits the floral dress so well :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Adel!! ^^

Vivi Lovianita said...

kak carryn cantik banget hehe aku juga suka banget sama lana del rey suaranya bagus, cantik lagi apalagi di video national anthem

Unknown said...

Thanks Vivi ^^ iya, dia keren banget di national anthem!

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