Monday, July 16, 2012

La Beaute Summer Sale, July 2012

Hi all!

I just want to tell you good news! There's a summer sale on my oh-so-called online shop, La Beaute.

Hoho.. Honestly, I created La Beaute not for serious business purpose. I like to buy the beauty products, especially NYX because it's very affordable and colorful! Hoho.. And when I check them again at home, I don't think I need all of them.. Just a few products that I need the most. I just simply like to buy it, not to wear it (read: laper mata). What an impulsive shopper! Even a friend of mine call me "Recommended Buyer" XD

It's been so long, I couldn't handle my online shop (career woman problem *cough). The products still stay on my storage box, desperately need someone to wear them. I have to let them find the right person out there. Maybe it's you!? Yes, you! =P

Feel free to check my online shop, you can see the banner on the right column. If you have any question about the product detail, just send me a message. Yaay! Happy shopping!

These are the products.. All new and ready stock! *of course. You can check the price on La Beaute's facebook page.
  Eyes Products
Lips Products
Face & Make Up Kit Product

See ya!

*Ssst.. Next month I'll have a garage sale in here (to reduce the clothes on my closet XD). Don't miss it.. ; )

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