Monday, September 10, 2012

3 YSL Products Review & Swatches

Hi all!

Today I want to share my review of these YSL products that I bought last month. Because of my hecticness, I forgot that I've ever bought these items until I found it on my drawer after I cleaned it XD. Imagine how chaos it is! My husband calls it "the mounds of garbage" because it looks like it is. Honestly I'm not a kind of neat person in storing my stuffs. I love to throw put it anywhere I like until I can not find the item that I need. That's a sign to clean it up! XD

Anyway.. I'm so excited reviewing these items because I've chose the right colors! It looks good on my skin! Hoho..

Here they are..

YSL Rouge Volupte Silky - Sensual Radiant Lipstick #14
It comes in an elegant gold packaging with some YSL patterns in the middle. We can see the color behind it, which is the same color as the product behind the tube. The lip color has a flat angled top. I see "fragrance" at the ingredients, but it doesn't have any fragrance at all.. Or.. I just can't smell it because I have flu =(
Left: The gorgeous YSL Rouge Volupte packaging. Right: #14 shade with & without flash.
Me, before & after applying YSL Rouge Volupte Silky - Sensual Radiant Lipstick #14. Love love love the shade! =D

The swatches on my lips with & without flash.
What I Love
- The packaging is beautiful and elegant, gorgeous! It looks expensive.. XD
- The color! (#14) I've chose the right color! It is natural peachy color that can be wore both in casual and formal occasions. It makes my face fresher! ^^
- The texture is smooth, creamy & silky. It glides easily on my lips. My lips become moisture and soft.
- The color is very vibrant in just ONE SWAP!!! Love it!
- No fragrance
- The staying power is great compare to another lipstick.

- Pricey
- A little bit heavy, maybe because of the material of the packaging (metal I guess).

I forgot the exact price, it is between IDR 300,000 - IDR 400,000 (I'll update it after I find the bill or ask the BA at the counter)

Yes, another shade!

This is my first YSL lip color and I love it alot! It is quite pricey but worth it. I think it is an investment for the special events ^^ You have to give it a try!!!

YSL Touche Blush #1
I fell in love at the first sight when Nisa showed me this blush at my first YSL event. I love the puff applicator! It makes the product can be applied easily without blush brush. It also looks like a marshmallow XD Just tap it on cheeks, voila! Still in an elegant gold packaging with transparent plastick, it also comes with a round mirror at the top of the tube. 
YSL Touche Blush #1
At the first application, you have to remove the transparent seal inside it so the product can absorb into the puff applicator. See how this blush gives me a soft, natural-looking pink flush. Lovely!
The detail swatches on my cheeks with & without flash.
What I Love
- The puff applicator! XD Yes, it makes me bought this stuff! So easy to use, especially if I'm in a hurry.
- The colors. It is a soft natural pinky shade with shimmer. But it doesn't look over glowing on cheeks, still natural.
- The texture is very soft, easy to blend.
- It is very vibrant! Just 2-3 tap on the cheeks, the colors show up!
- The packaging looks elegant, and the material does not break easily. (I'm a little bit clumsy XD)
- It smells nice! ^^ At least some of mates said like that (because I have the flu XD)
- It has a great staying power!

- Pricey
- A little bit bulky for travel

Again, I forgot the exact price, it is between IDR 300,000 - IDR 400,000 XD


I love this blush!!! That's all! XD

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain #6
This is also one of YSL product that I wanted to buy since so long ago but it's always sold out.  Actually I wanted to buy the #7 shade because it is more natural. But I changed my plan because I already bought YSL Rouge Volupte Silky - Sensual Radiant Lipstick #14. So I chose this orange shade. It comes in the black & gold packaging with transparent part in the middle of it. What I love the most from this stuff is the fragrance! Yes, it smells like wine! XD
YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain #6
Here, I applied it after using YSL Rouge Volupte Silky - Sensual Radiant Lipstick #14.
The swatches on my lips with & without flash.The swatches when I applied it without lipstick on my lips with & without flash. 
What I Love
- Like I've told you above, The wine fragrance!
- The color is nice! Orangish. It can be wore itself or after applying lipstick.
- As a gloss, the color is very vibrant. Just apply it 1-2 swap.
- The texture is smooth although a little bit sticky at the first time. Fresh and light!
- The cool & fresh sensation when applying it on lips. Even though I didn't store it at refrigerator, It feels cool! How come? I don't know.. XD Because of the formula, I guess..
- The applicator has a sharp corner so it can reach the corner of the lips precisely.
- It has transparent part at the middle of the packaging so we can see the shade without opening the tube.
- It shines beautifully!
- The staying power is longer than the other lip gloss. Oh sorry, this is not a lip gloss but a lip stain! XD The shines are fading after I eat, but the color still there.

- The packaging design is less elegant than the other YSL packaging. I think it is because the black plastick part is more dominant. It will be nicer if the black part relpaced with gold or transparant color IMHO ^^
- It still leaves a mark in the glass or tissue. (Some people said it doesn't, but I've prove it by myself. It does fade, daaghling! XD)
- Pricey

Yes...! I forgot the exact price too, it is between IDR 300,000 - IDR 400,000. Somebody please leave the comment if you know the exact price. I'll be very thankful! ^^

Yes, other shades!

I think this product is an investment for special occasions. Because it is pricey and the contain is not as much as regular lip gloss! XD Overall I love this lip stain! Can't wait to buy the other shades...
Okay, this is my last picture in this post.. XD
When I bought these products at the same time, it was really difficult to decide which shade I should choose. Because most of all the YSL product shades are beautiful & gorgeous. I wish I could have them all!! (OMG! How much money should I spend to purchase it all!!?? XD). But it really worth the price!

Do you love these products too? Please tell me which shade should I buy next time? XD

See ya!


Shasha said...

warnanya cantik semua *o*
mupeng cuman sayang harganya mahal :(

Unknown said...

Iyaaa... Kalo ga mahal udah beli banyak shade-nya XD

Unknown said...

cantik dan terlihat fresh

xoxo said...

Asli, carryn cakep banget... >_<
warna2nya emang udah pas mentok banget tuh sama kamu... Huhuhu sayang hargane mahal... ^^;

Adel said...

mbak carryn kaya boneka >.<
eye make up nya keren, pake softlens jugakah?? hehe
dan aku baru tau mbak carryn udah punya suami :O #norak abisnya masi keliatan kaya anak perawan gitu. hahah

Ceecile ~Priscilla Clara~ ^^ said...

warnanya cakeepp..
iya itu yang wangi wine emang menggoda tapi kok ya mahal ya.. T___Y

Susan Lolo Bua said...

ihh cantik banget, facenya ada mirip dengan blogger Malaysia, Chessie :) lipsticknya aku sukaa :)

make upnya harganya mahal banget, kagak sanggup :(

Unknown said...

Mutiara Tanjung> Thaanks!! ^^

Mi-Zha> Thanks Mi-Zha.. Hehe.. iya lumayan, mangkanya dipakenya kalau ada event2 spesial aja, ga tiap hari, sayang.. XD

Adel> Betul sekali.. ini pake geo lens warna item, bikin mata jadi gede banget, saya aja kaget XD Nanti saya review yaap.. Eyaampun.. hahah.. saya emang sering disangka anak kuliah juga XD Iya Adel, saya udah nikah bulan maret taun ini.

Cila> Iyaaa.. wanginya top banget tu emang, hehe.. Mangkanya gw jg belinya pas dapet voucher potongan 100.000 waktu itu cil (tapi tetep harus minimal sejuta totalnya.. XD)

Susan> Thanks susan... ^^ Masa sih? Franky malah bilang gw mirip Budget Barbie XD Muka saya pasaran nampaknya.. nyahah..

Rosdiana said...

The colors are so pretty. definitely complements your looks. Love it. You are gorgeous.
I follow your blog so can you pls check out mine :) and kindly support my blog by following if you don't mind. my blog is
Thanks so much in advance.

Unknown said...

Rosdiana> Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!! ^^

Xiao Vee said...

warnanya bagus2 dan pigmented *w*

Please join my giveaway ^__^

Leeviahan said...

aiih warnanya cantikk,andaikan harganya murcee akanku beli banyak hihi,sayangnya mahal >.<

btw kalo berkenan follow back blog ku dear

Unknown said...

Xiao Vee> Iyaaa ^^

LeeViaHan> Thanks for visiting, dear.. ^^

Monic said...

dari dulu pengen banget beli si lipstik ysl itu, tapi yaampun mahal gelaaaa >.<
uang untuk makan 1 bulan. wkwkwk :D

Mukti Lim said...

pengen blushnyaaaaah.... >.<

Unknown said...

Monic> Suatu hari pasti kebeli say!! ^^

Mui> Ayoo belii.. XD You'll love it!

Unknown said...

udh byk dgr review YSL, sayang ga kebeli =(

new follower anyway. if you don't mind, follow mine.

Unknown said...

Priska> Thanks for visiting, dear.. ^^

Bhushavali said...

Totally love the color of shade 14 lippies! Its soft, pink yet not overwhelming. Thanks for the review dear!
Came here blog hopping and liked your blog!
Do drop by my blog sometime.
And do follow if you like! :)

Unknown said...

Bhushavali> Thanks a lot for visiting my blog!! ^^

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