Friday, September 28, 2012

4 Seasons Look & Style - feat. WALC

Hi all!

Today I want to introduce you the newest collection of walc. If you don't know what it is, you can read here. Or if you're too lazy, here's a short explanation.. walc is a clothing line that found by me and partners, Lukman, Amie, Windie. We used to be the office mates, until Lukman resigned and moved to other company. Although three of us still work at the same office, we are so busy with our job. It's so difficult to divide our time between work and business. But we try our best to keep this small business grow because we made it with love! ^^ We hope next time we can produce our collections faster! =D

So.. after success with our first collection, let me introduce our second collection..

walc for all seasons
WHY YOU NO USE A REAL MODEL??.. Okay. This is still a small business, we can't hire a professional model right now. So... hi, I'm Carryn, the walc's mannequin. Nice to meet ya! LOL We also will always stick to our principle of using real people (not celebrity) as talent. I'm pretty sure one day it will be a big business. We will colaborate with Irina Lazareanu as our muse. *too-optimistic XD Let's be nice and say Amin..

Basically our collection, or we call it our "step" is a simple & ready to wear outfit which make you feel comfort anytime, anywhere.. Especially when you are walking on the street. Street is our catwalk. That's the core idea of our brand, we are walc-ing with style. Effortlessly stylish. *OMG I feel a little bit smart suddenly. LOL

The material itself is cotton, so it can absorb your sweat and easily washable. We have 2 designs: Kite and Candy Shop. The difference is Kite has unfinished detail and Candy Shop has "curly" finished detail.

Because I love make up, and the theme is about 4 seasons. So.. I made the look & style for each seasons ^^. Maybe this can be your inspiration of how to wear our clothes in many ways. Anyway.. accessories are not included. =P
(Pale Pink Candy Shop)
(Baby Blue Kite)
(Dusty Pink Kite)Summer
(Light Orange Candy Shop)
Which one is your favorite look & style? What do you think?? Not bad, eh? Maybe I should be a pin up girl or a fashion blogger too? LOL If you wonder why are the images blurry, it's not your eyes, I made it. This is an independent clothing line, so I won't make it too perfect like commercial brand. Besides, I love blurry images! (Read: I just took it with my digicam, not with a proffesional DSLR camera. So please understand..) XD

Price: @ IDR 130,000

Size: All Size! Fit from S-L

Fyi, this collection is limited (like always). So you'd better hurry! ^^ walc also still have some pieces of the first collection, The Zebra Cross. You can get it for only IDR 100,000 each!

Yaay! What are you waiting for? Feel free to visit walc online store at 

AND... walc will join the We Are Sale #13 event for 2 days: 29-30 Sept 2012 (tomorrow!!) at 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm. If you are curious to see this new collection, feel free to drop by! Where is it? At Hey Folks!, Jalan Bumi 17 Mayestik - Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Of course me and my partner will be there too. We also bring our second-hand stuffs to be sold. Hoho...

Let's support independent small business! =D

Thanks a lot for reading guys, see ya!


Diary Of A Product Junkie said...

Waaaaa, manis.. ^___^

Unknown said...

Nyahah.. main2 ke ya ce!! ^^ *promosi LOL

Gita Regina said...

kyaaaa kak carryyyyyn, aku mau dong jadi modelnyaa xDD
lucuu bajunyaa simplee x))

Rosdiana said...

Amin! I love winter and spring look. So simple yet pretty and very comfortable it looks like. Girl if u r here, i would order those! Always love easy, simple yet comfortable dress. You should be ALL of them, pin up girl, model, biz owner and fashion blogger. Such an inspiration u r!

Adel said...

aaaa suka bgt yg summer >.<
terus terus hair do nya mbak carryn bagus bgt yaa,,cocok mbak jadi model. semoga bisnisnya laris manis ya :D
btw, mbaknya pake digicam apa??

Unknown said...

Gita> XD Ayoo.. mampir ke webnya ya..

Rosdiana> LOL I'm such a chameleon, right? LOL Unfortunately, we have not been able to ship overseas. But one day we will! ^^

Adel> Amiin.. thanks a lot! Nyahah.. no no.. badan saya ga setinggi standard model. Ini pake Canon IXUS 1000HS doang del, digicam biasa.

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