Thursday, September 20, 2012

Geo Xtra Nudy Black 15mm Review

Hi all!

Do you remember these look? Do you notice what makes me look so different in here?
No, it's not my polkadot outfit.. XD Yep!! My eyes!! It looks so BIG!

In case you are curious, I was using Geo Ctra Nudy Black 15mm, which is my current favorite lens! I love it a lot!

OMG I think I'm addicted to Circle Lenses! Fufufu.. I was a kind of person who always give a strange reaction if I saw anybody with a fake colorful eyes. But now I'm one of them. LOL. *karma* I still can't find any colorful lenses which look good on me except this one. So I only choose natural color such as brown, black and grey. I prefer a big diameter lens which can enlarge my eyes like Candy Candy's. XD

What I love the most from this lens, it makes me look like a doll! A psychotic doll! (O_O)
The packaging.
Diameter : 15mm
Water Content : 38%
Life Span : 1 year disposal
 Geo Xtra Nudy Black 15mm has abstract pattern with a black ring around.
What I Love
- It has a black ring around which is really enlarge my eyes!
- Although I choose the black color, my eyes still look bright and shiny.
- It gives me an "emotionless" eyes, just like a doll.
- It is quite comfortable for 6-7 hours.
- I like the pattern, abstract but simple.
- It is so thin and soft. I can wear it along with my toric lens!!

- Sometimes it makes my eyes turn red.

IDR 115,000 at Softlens Geo Zipp

Before & after I used Geo Ctra Nudy Black 15mm. WOW!
This lens is very recommended for you who want a big dolly eye effect!! 

Do you like to wear Circle Lenses too? What is your favorite Circle Lens? Do you have any recommendation of which Circle Lens I should try next?

See ya!


Unknown said...

aku baru tau nudy ada yg wrna black jg ._. dulu aku pakai yg xck 105 car, itu jg black :D
cb Princess Mimi Almond Brown deh car, jatuhnya natural jg.. <3

Unknown said...

Di album asellernya juga ga dicantumin gitu rin yg black, pas ditanya baru dia bilang ada XD Udah lama penasaran sama si Princess Mimi itu, ok masuk list belanja! Thanks riin!!!

Unknown said...

Carryn i always love your make up. so pretty and flawless.
btw, baru tau ada warna itam yakk.. meluncur utk beli ahh hihihi.

Unknown said...

I always love your make up & outfit too bebe!! ^^ Iyaak.. silakan dibeli, lucuu!! Harus punya! XD

kindinia said...

wahhhh, imut make upnya didukung sama softlensenya jadi semakin cakeppp...
aku pakai xck 105 tapi kapok karena mataku kecil dan diameternya kebesaran jadinya kedip-kedip melulu matanya. *curhat*

Unknown said...

^^ belum nemu yang nyaman mungkin ya?

Unknown said...

eyelinernya baguuuuus ^^
#eeh, salah fokus, hehe

Unknown said...

XD Itu pake Dolly Wink Liquid liner ^^

Unknown said...

So you can wear this contact over another contact lens? Really? That is super cool!

Unknown said...

Yes, but the first soft lens should has a smaller diameter. I use it over my toric lense (for people with astigmatism/cylinder, like me ^^).

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