Saturday, September 15, 2012

Koji Spring Heart Volume Mascara

Hi all!

Today I want to share my review of a mascara from Kay Collection. Honestly I've never heard about this brand before. It is Japanese brand. So I googled ^^. Most of Japanese brands have excellent quality. I have to prove it by myself if this Spring Heart brand is one of them. Let's see..
It comes in a bling-bling packaging =D with Japanese words XD So fancy! Those colorful hologram effect is so catchy and fun to see. But the tube itself is not as bling-bling as the packaging. It is a simple black & gold cylinder tube with gold color for the brand name. When I opened it for the first time, the smell is so annoying. It is so not nice! (-_-") Okay, most of mascara smells weird. But this one is super-weird!
 Koji Spring Heart Volume Mascara (Black). So bling-bling eh? ^^ The "not so bling-bling" tube & spiral brush.
What I Love
- The fancy packaging XD. It's my guilty pleasure! =P Although the words are in Japanese but it's informative enough. There's a picture of the brush beside the product. ^^
- Waterproof!
- It does lengthen and curl my lashes a little. It also gives volume to my lashes. Great!
- It doesn't clump.
- So light!
- The brush is not too big, so it can reach the inner & outer part of my lashes.
- It has a great staying power ever! It doesn't smudge at all! Even when my lids become oily, the product still there. Sweat resistant!

- It smells weird, like I've said before. But the smell is gone a few seconds after application.
- The tube is too simple and boring.
- It doesn't dry quick enough. You'd better use a paper when applying it on your lashes, so the product won't dirt the area around your eyes.
- Pricey!
- I don't know if it's good or bad, this product is so hard to remove! I usually use Maybelline cleansing oil to remove mascara, easy and fast. But it doesn't work in this product. So I remove it with olive oil. It works, but takes time (-_-")
*update  Finally I know how to remove it easily!! Just use a few drops of Kose Softymo, rub it on the lashes. After it is emulsified, rinse off thoroughly. So easy! XD
Conclusion: Japanese Mascara should be removed with Japanese Cleansing Oil! LOL

IDR 169,900 at Kay Collection

Undecided XD

See how this product works on my lashes..
Before & after I apply it. My lashes seemed to get longer. ^^It also curls my lashes a lttle. I love the result after I curl it with heated eyelash curler. Gorgeous!
I'm so happy!! It stays all day long! =D
I admit this product quality is very good like most of Japanese products. This mascara is very recommended for you who need a non-smudge & great mascara and too lazy to put on false lashes everyday, like me. XD You can get it at Kay Collection!

Where to find Kay Collection?
- Independent store
Pacific Place B1 #10A.  Tel: 021-57973827
Gandaria City LG #15.   Tel: 021-29052956
Kuningan City Lt.3 #45. Tel: 021-30056156
Small shop near Foodhall Plaza Senayan (besides Aneka Citra Snack)

- Department store
SOGO (all except PS), Seibu, Debenhams, Metro (PIM), STAR, Keris Galery, Matahari (TA & Ciputra, TP3), Sarinah, Lotus Thamrin & Golden Truly

- Selected Guardian

- Official online shop reseller
Fimela Shop

- Like them on Facebook

- Follow them on Twitter to get the latest news and promotion info

Happy shopping! ^^

Anyway.. Where are you going this weekend? My husband and me are going NOWHERE! XD We just stay at home. He's playing music and I'm writing for my blog. What a nice Saturday! Hope you all have a great weekend too! ^^
See ya!


Unknown said...

Aaaaa Carryn cantik bgt sih *salah fokus* xD
Kyny kbnykan maskara Jepang mmg susah diremove, terutama yg Majolica Majorca. :D

Unknown said...

Rini> Huwaaa.. I think I look like Pinkan Mambo in this look! LOL Oh gitu ya? Sampe panik gitu gw, takut ga bisa diapus.. Resiko maskara bagus & tahan lama begitu kali ya!? XD Thanks infonya Rin! ^^

Gita Regina said...

kak carryn selalu bersinar *tring-tring*
kulitnya glowy2 aduhai *Q*

Unknown said...

XD ada sound effect nya gitu ya *tring-tring* The power of make-up, daaghling..

Unknown said...

Hahah saya juga ada ini, mantep ga gampang dihapus
Nempel all the time..
Senangnya sikatnya mantap bs menjangkau ya :)

Unknown said...

Iya... Ok banget emang staying powernya ^^

Susan Lolo Bua said...

KK Carryn cantik mukanya itu mulus banget, cantik..
rahsianya apa si? :)
pengen tau ni, pengen kulit wajah yang mulus gitu.. :)

have a nice day :)

Unknown said...

Susan> Sebenernya ini lagi tahap perawatan. Beberapa bulan terakhir saya jerawatan parah karena hormon. Tapi sekarang udah mendingan abis berobat ke Erha, saya cocok sama dokter & krim2nya. Sekarang tinggal bekas2 jerawatnya aja.

Nah.. kenapa bisa keliatan mulus? Karena pake concealer & foundation!! XD Khusus untuk foto2 di blog, saya pake concealernya agak lebih tebel dibanding untuk make-up sehari2, biar bekas jerawatnya ga keliatan pas difoto. Begitu... ^^

britzie said...

Carryn , im new follower ;) aku suka ramBut km .. Kritingnya bagus :D

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for visiting britzie ^^

Adel said...

mbak, kaya barbie doll bgt :O
hasil maskaranya kayanya lebih dramatis dibanding stiletto ya?? tp minggu kmrn aku baru beli stiletto gara2 mbaknya :p haha aku suka sih,,lebih oke dibanding cat eyes.

Unknown said...

Adel> Wah dikau jadi keracunan.. XD Iya.. Yg ini lebih keliatan hasilnya. Tapi susah banget dibersihinnya =( Mendingan pake stiletto kalau sehari2, lebih gampang dibersihin. Ini kalau buat event outdoor yg bikin keringetan atau renang mungkin lebih cocok. Ga luntur sama sekali! ^^

Pygmalion Land said...

sukaaa sama rambutnya, catnya pakai apa? dandanannya do-able banget deh.

Unknown said...

Kalau ga salah terakhir kali ngecat (keseringan) pake Garnier yg Light Brown 2 pack ^^

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Pinkbuble> I like it too!! ^^

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