Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto Mascara Review

Hi all! 

Today I'm sick again going to review my new Maybelline mascara (again.. hehe..). I follow Bebe & Hanny sugestion to try this mascara. They said the result is good in this post. 2 awesome beauty bloggers recommend this product, so why dont we give it a try? XD

No wonder they named it Stiletto, because it does look like the heel of a stiletto if you look at the packaging. The packaging is so elegant, made from shiny black plastic with white & red accent. The tone reminds me of Louboutin shoes. It is also very light and easy to twist open because of the tube shape.

The brush size is medium. The wand is not as flexible as The Falsies mascara, but it's ok. The most important thing is the result, right?
 Here.. before & after I put it on my lashes..
What I love
- It does lengthen my lashes! The picture talks, right? But it still looks natural.
- I love the sleek elegant packaging
- Waterproof
- It doesn't clump and smudge, lasts a long time..
- Although the brush size is not as small as The Cat Eyes mascara, it still can reach my inner lashes
- Affordable
- Easy to find at the drugstore

- It smells weird =(
- It doesnt curls my lashes
- A little bit hard to remove, but it's fine.. Because I love the result!

I forgot the exact price, it is around IDR 90,000 - IDR 110,000

Definitely YES!

The result becomes more gorgeous after I curl my lashes with these heated eyelash curlers (I'll review about it in another post). It makes my eyes look brighter and more alive!
I love this mascara! It becomes my current favorite mascara for everyday make up, replacing The Cat Eyes mascara XD. I recommend this product to you!!

Have you ever tried it before? What do you think?

See ya!


Fifi said...

Never tried this one but seems like it's working well on you. How about The Falsies? Have you tried it? I was gonna pick that one up but my current mascara hasn't dried up yet.

Unknown said...

I made a review about The Falsies here -> http://www.carrynapratiwi.com/2012/08/maybelline-volum-express-falsies.html So you can compare it. But I highly recommend you this one. It is worth a try!! ^^

Adel said...

Aaaaa mbak carryn racuuuun xD aku mau beli ini pokoknya!!

Unknown said...

Adel> iyaa, wajib punya! XD

Sekar Suci said...

aku juga suka mascara ini tapi kurang menebalkan menurut aku, walaupun efek panjangnya okeehhh...!!

aku bikin review juga disini

p.s: awesome blog!!

Unknown said...

Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting, Michelle ^^

Unknown said...

ang panget!haha

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