Monday, October 1, 2012

Anna Sui 2012 Autumn 'Rebel Girl' Collection Launching Event

Hi all!

2 weeks ago I was invited to Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Collection launching event. It was unusual because they invited us to enjoy the world of Anna Sui and pamper us at Gigiss Salon. Lovely, isn't it? So we could try their new products from head to toe there.

Their new collection is created for a "Rebel Girl", just like the designer, Anna Sui.

"I’ve always had a bit of ‘rebel girl’ in me. I truly believe in the concept behind this campaign because it is all about being yourself, being strong and not caring what others think. I like being the "leader" rather than follower." - Anna Sui

She's also working with Chrystal Copland, a 23 years old Australian top model, as the face of this 2012 Autumn Collection.
Isn't she gorgeous!? I love her look in this ad. I will make this 'Rebel Girl' inspired look next time! ^^

So, what's new in this Autumn Collection?

We can see the Rebel Girl through her eyes, that's why Anna Sui launched 41 Eye Shadow colors including 7 of her favorite purple shades and 5 new waterproof Pencil Eye Liner!
What's cool from their new eyeshadow palette? We can create our own palette! Yep! We can mix and match the colors & textures so we can take whatever colors we need that day! Yaay! XD The shades are very rich, from the shocking pink to the blackest black. And oh, it smells so good like the other Anna Sui products! It has 3 bases:
- Vivid Powder Base
- Pearly and Vivid Moist Powder Base
- Glittery and Pearly Cream Base

They also launch the Anna Sui 2012 Rose Palace, hair & body products. Rose is Anna Sui's favorite flower. No wonder we can see it in almost every Anna Sui products packaging. Now we can smell as lovely as rose by using this Anna Sui hair & body products. The bottle is inspired by a gorgeous roses gown for a glamour party at the rose palace. Here they are..
Left-right: anna Sui Rose Hair Shampoo, Anna Sui Rose Hair Conditioner,
Anna Sui Rose Liquid Body Soap, Anna Sui Rose Body lotion.
Trust me, it smells soooooo... good!! It made me feel fresh and happy! Let me share my lovely experience in the world of Anna Sui through these pictures..

Left: The entrance at Gigiss Salon. Right: Me & Nisa with the new Anna Sui Body & Hair Products.
The New Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Eye Shadow Palette & 41 Eye Shadow Colors.
I'm so in love with the shocking pink & electric orange shades! LOL *drolling
Left: The New Anna Sui empty Palette. We can put 3 shades with 3 different textures on it.
Right: Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Pencil Eyeliner. It looks like a magic wand, doesn't it?
Here are my favorite shades among those 41 colors. ^^
Anna Sui also has a make-up remover pen which is very simple to use & super travel friendly! Cool!
I got a make-over from Ms. Rima from Anna Sui. Here are some products that she put on my face,
including this shocking pink lip color. But the color is not too vibrant on the lips, so don't worry! XD
After that, I got a chance to try the Anna Sui Rose Shampoo & Conditioner. I fall in love with the fragrance!
It feels like there's ton of pink roses on my hair, LOL. And it stays all day long!
Voila! Here is my final look! I took some pics with Ms. Rima, she's so beautiful, isn't she? She loves Japanese Gyaru look!
Here is my eyes detail. Ms. Rima picked the shades that match with my clothes. Then she combined it to be the 'Rebel Girl' style.Anna Sui Body Butter. What's cool from Anna Sui hair & body product?
They have the same fragrance, lovely rose!! We don't need wearing perfume.. XDLeft: Me with the 'Rebel Girl', Chrystal Chopland. I really love her look in that ad, stunning!
Right: As usual, the decoration was very "Anna Sui" in dominant black & purple tone.
Me & Nisa look so happy & satisfy. They also gave us a goodie bag. ^^
I was so happy when I opened the goodie bag. They gave us their new products.
Yes! The Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Eye Shadow Palette + 3 lovely eyehadow shades in different textures!!
I'm going to make a review about it soon! ^^
Lovely isn't it? This 2012 Autumn Collection is already available at the nearest Anna Sui counter.

Eye Shadow : Rp. 130.000/shade
Eye Shadow Palette : Rp. 105.000
Pencil Eyeliner : Rp. 200.000
Rose Liquid Body Soap : Rp. 159.000
Rose Body Lotion : Rp. 179.000
Rose Hair Shampoo : Rp. 159.000
Rose Hair Conditioner : Rp. 159.000

Dear Anna Sui team, thanks a lot for inviting & pampering us!! We had so much fun there.. ^^

See ya!


Rosdiana said...

Wow!! So nice! I love the colors that u get in ur goody bag. So pretty and those eyeliners! Omg i so want one. The palette is super cute. I love everything esp the pink eye shadow. Ohh me envious. Lol

carryn said...

Yaap!! I still can't believe I got so lucky on that day XD

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