Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Anna Sui 2012 New Eye Shadow Palette

Hi all!!

First of all let me share this Anna Sui "Rebel Girl" Inspired Look to you.. XD
Do you notice how gorgeous the eye colors that I used? XD

As I promise you in my preview post, this is my review about the new Anna Sui eyeshadow palette. What makes me love this palette the most is.. We can create our own palette with different shades & different textures!! So we can bring what colors or what shades that we need that day. Lovely isn't it?

Here it is, with & without flash..
Left-Right: Lilac Purple #203, Metallic Gold #851, Grape Purple #201
The boxes
The products..
1. The Packaging
As usual, the packaging color is black, with purple Anna Sui Logo in the center of it. The design is classic with embroidery accent on it. It's very light and easy to bring anywhere. It has 3 empty eyeshadow palettes with mirror and a small sponge & brush applicator. There's also a layer of transparent mica to cover the eyeshadow inside it.
2. The Eyeshadows
This collection consists of 3 different textures and 41 shades, including Anna Sui's favorite eye colors: 8 shades of purple in different textures. I got 3 different shades from each texture:
- Grape Purple #201 - Vivid Powder Base (Matte and very pigmented )
- Lilac Purple #203 - Pearly and Vivid Moist Powder Base (Shimmery, soft and easy to blend)
- Metallic Gold #851 - Glittery and Pearly Cream Base (We can use it as eyeshadow base too. It's very easy to apply with finger. The glittery effect looks gorgeous on skin!)

Each eye color except the cream eyeshadow has rose pattern on it and smells so good! It comes with transparent single packaging to store the product when we don't want to bring it in the palette. There's also a double-tape at the bottom of it so we don't need to worry it will fall down from the palette.
Each shades is very pigmented in their own character and has a lovely effect!
I'm not sure if these 3 colors are the same shades that is used by Chrystal Chopland at the ad campaign, but I try to make this 'Rebel Girl' inspired look as similar as hers with these 3 shades. What do you think? Do I look like her? OF COURSE NOT! XD
The detail *my lower false lashes look messy if you notice, I forgot to fix it XD

Overall I looove this palette! I think i'll buy another shades: Vivid Pink #303 and Orange #600. This palette is very unique and travel friendly! We can buy the shades one buy one and put it in a platte only, what a good investment! =D Even the applicator quality is very good, unlike the others. So we don't need to bring any brushes if in a hurry.

Eye Shadow : Rp. 130.000/shade
Eye Shadow Palette : Rp. 105.000

Last.. enjoy my tutorial video!! Hope you'll like it. Don't hesitate if you want to share your "Rebel Girl" look too!
*Don't forget to change quality to 360p in the bottom bar

See ya!


Unknown said...

carryn rambutnya bagus >.<
sring2 ya bkin video tutorial hihi :D

Rosdiana said...

QLove the look! and the video tutorial. I agree with Rini..pls more video tutorial. They are so much fun to watch and learn.

Adel said...

keren mbak eye make up nya :O
rebel bgt! hehe rambutnya juga bagus bgt!

Unknown said...

Thanks ladies... ^^ Okaay.. diusahakan saya sering2 bikin video tutorial, jangan bosen yaa.. XD

Kiky Utami said...

suka tutorialnya \(^^)/
more video pleasee..

new follower here,, please kindly follow me back if you don't mind ^^
XOXO Kiky,,

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Kiky =)

Mukti Lim said...

Suka bangeetssss.....

Unknown said...

Mui> Thank you! ^^

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