Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Purple Glam Nails (Tutorial)

Hi all!

If you follow my instagram (nonacarryn) you must have seen these pictures:
Yup!! My Purple Glam Nails! I'm not good in nail art but I was in the mood of glittery purple nail that day! So I went to the nearest store to buy some nail polish, the cheap ones, haha.. just to fullfill my pleasure! And yeah I got it! I bought 4 colors that I want.

I love glittery nails!!! It sparks and shines day and night! Actually it is inspired by Anna Sui 2012 Autumn Eyeshadow Palette that I got from this event. I also made the look, I'll post the tutorial video soon! XD *need time to edit it.

You can also try it, with different colors maybe. Here is the step by step tutorial:
1. Apply base coat on your left hand nails. I'm using Missha The Style Lucid Nail Care. Wait until dry.
2. Apply metallic dark purple nail polish on it. I'm using Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel #660 Grape. It's only IDR 50,000 at Revlon counter. Wait until dry.
3. Apply glittery purple nail polish on it. I'm using Eternally High Color Nail Polish #817. It's only IDR 38,000. Wait until dry.
4. Apply glittery gold nail polish in the half part of your nail. I'm using Eternally High Color Nail Polish #835. It's also IDR 38,000. Wait until dry.
5. Apply quick dry top coat on it. I'm using Face It #06 from Face Shop.
6. For the accent, you can use a lighter purple shade on one of your right hand finger, then repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 on it. I'm using Eternally High Color Nail Polish #830. It's only IDR 33,000!!! Hohoho…
Haha.. yes, I'm bad in applying nail polish, but isn't it gorgeous? *superproud Xoxo.

See ya!


Rosdiana said...

It is pretty and glittery! Love it. Love love glittery nails.

Unknown said...

Yaap! It's so fun to see! It also can boost my mood XD

Imelda Ingelia said...

i looooooooove glitters...
hell to remove but it's worth the glam look ^^

Unknown said...

Imelda> Agree!! ^^

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