Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Party by Make Up For Ever

Hi all!!

I was invited to this event on Wednesday, Oct 31st 2012 at Make Up For Ever Plaza Senayan Boutique. When i arrived, the make up demo has started. 3 MUFE Indonesia experts were doing live painting show in front of MUFE Boutique. Unlike the average Halloween look, they didn't create a spooky look. They created something new, funny and non-spooky look from cartoon characters: The Powerpuff Girls! They were using proffesional techniques, products and tools from MUFE.
The MUFE Indonesia experts painting Blossom's & Buttercup's eyes ^^
When I enter the boutique, there's Aqua Rouge pictures everywhere.. What is Aqua Rouge?
Aqua Rouge is a liquid lip color that provides the intense and long-lasting hold of a lip stain with the eye-catching shine of a gloss. It has 12 shades, including #8; the iconic red, which is created by Madonna's Make Up Artist, Gina Brooke. I forgot the exact price, between IDR 300,000 - 400,000.
I picked two of them as my favorite shades, #4 Chestnut and of course #8 Iconic Red. The product is made in Italy.
It has double-ended packaging for the lip color (matte) and the clear top (glossy). We can apply them both for a gorgeous glossy lips or just apply the lip color for a matte lips.
MUFE Aqua Rouge #4 & #8 shades with & without flash.
MUFE Aqua Rouge #4 swatches on my skin with & without flash. You can see the difference if you apply the lip color with and without the clear top.
Me & Endi tried #8 & #4 (lip color only) on our lips XD.
After applying the clear top our lips become superglossy XD
The other MUFE products.. yummy!!!
These are the products for the pro only. The MUFE experts were using products at the bottom left for live painting that day. Now I know where and why Ichil got that colorful cream palette, she's a pro!! ^^
Voila! Finally The Powerpuff Girls look was finished! Say Hello to Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup!
*Bubbles hair should be tied in two ponytails btw. Ah.. nevermind!
Some beauty bloggers took a picture with The Powerpuff Girls.
We also took a picture with Ara, MUFE Indonesia Public Relation.
Thank you MUFE Indonesia for inviting me!

See ya!

*note: I really love the staying power of Aqua Rouge. Definitely stays on for a long time. I don't need to touch up the color, only the gloss, even after eating and drinking. I'm so going to buy it soon! Hoho..


Adel said...

mbak carryn beneran mirip michelle phan deh setiap pake lipstick merah,,I swear!
aku pengen bgt punya face paint nya mufe buat kalo teater, warnanya vibrant bgt. tapi harganya mbak, bisa bikin nangis T.T haha

Unknown said...

Adel> Oh nooo!! Jauh bgt del.. XD Me too! Selain harganya bikin nangis, kalau bukan pro kalo ga salah ga bisa beli kan? Harus ada kartu proffesional make up artist-nya gt kalo ga salah. (U_U")

Anonymous said...

OMG, MUFE lipsticknya kok mahal banget yaaa di Indo? emang segituan yah harganya..gile...

Unknown said...

Kalo di singapore ga segitu ya? Kayanya semua brand international kalo masuk Indo emang lebih mahal jadinya. Mending sekalian beli online.. XD

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