Sunday, December 23, 2012

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Launch Event

Hi all!

I love Anna Sui! Not only beacause of their product, but also their event! It's always lovely and unusual! This is the example, they launched their new Eau De Toilette at Taman Menteng! I couldn't imagine the decoration until I arrived there.. So beautiful!! I was so impressed! Here, I share the pictures so you can feel the lovely ambiance too! ^^
Nisa, Me and Carnellin at the entrance. I love it!! I felt like entering a Fairy world.
The decoration.. It is so detail! Beautiful isn't it?The fairies... XD.Anna Sui fragrance always come in a unique bottle & box design.Look how detail it is! The glass, the photo frame and the tree's decoration.. Lovely!!!The event was opened with the fairy dancers. Then they lead us to the main area. A man from Anna Sui team explained about the fragrace complete with the dance! The fairy dance and magic spell XD It was so fun! Carnellin won the doorprize. Here it is!!! Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Eau De Toilette. There's a fairy sitting on the top of the bottle. She's ready to release our wishes! ^^ What a lovely box & bottle!Anna Sui team, Nisa, and me. Great job dear! Congratulation!! Each of us got a bag with a bottle of Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish inside it! Yaaay!
Thank you so much for inviting me! Although I have to pass the rain and traffic, this event made me happy!! I'm going to write a complete review about the product soon..

See ya!!


Via said...

the decoration is so lovely ^___^

romadiet said...

That is sooooooo purrrrrdyyyyy *u* review the petfume, purisu!!"

ofisuredii said...

ya ampun dekorasinya lucuk banget ^_^
nunggu review parfumya :)

Unknown said...

Via> Iyaa.. bikin betah ^^

Romacchiato & miz_purple> Sure, I'll post the review soon! ^^

Pinkbuble said...

I think I know the dancer in the launching ^^

Btw, lovely scent by Anna Sui as always ^^

Unknown said...

Pinkbuble> Really? Oh yes, if I'm not mistaken you're a ballerina too, right? Woow!! ^^

Yes, it's so sweet and lovely.. =D

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