Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dress Up Like Carryn - Vakansi (feat. New Vintage Cloth)

Hi everyone!!

How's your holiday? Me & my husband spend our holiday in our hometown, Bandung. Traffic is  everywhere!!! Bandung becomes extremely congested than few years ago when I was a kid =( I remember how quiet and peaceful this city when I was in elemantry school. I was 11 years old, walking alone at Jalan Merdeka, near Balai Kota. There were so many dry leaves on the street that fell from the trees. I remember the sound of my shoes stepping on it. The weather was cool. I love it!!

I still love Bandung a lot, I just hate the traffic!! The weather in Bandung is getting hotter and hotter.. but still cold at night. Because of this contradiction, I express my feeling through these two and three tone dresses from New Vintage Cloth. I can wear it when hanging out in Bandung, day and night. I also bring sunglasses, because the sun is superbright in here. Feel cold suddenly? I also bring a coat or cardigan in my bag. ^^

Anyway.. Enjoy this song from my favorite band, White Shoes and The Couples Company. Listen to this song makes me feel like.. spending holiday in a beautiful beach!!! ^^
Vakansi - White Shoes and The Couples Company feat. Oele Pattiselanno
Happy holiday everyone!! See ya!

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