Thursday, December 13, 2012

Estee Lauder Beauty Workshop

Hi all!!

Sorry for the long update!! Anyone miss me?? LOL (-_-")

Anyway… Few weeks ago I attended Estee Lauder Beauty Workshop at Bimasena Lobby Lounge, Dharmawangsa Hotel. I was late =( so I missed the make up demo by Estee Lauder's International MUA, Leo Wong. Luckily, I got a chance to have a make over by him! ^^

Let's take a look at the pictures for more detail..

When I arrived, Leo Wong was doing make over on the stage. He reminds me of a Kpop singer but I don't know the name XD
I was drolling when I saw Estee Lauder products that were used by him.
Estee Lauder Ultimate Color Collection. So elegant!
Estee Lauder Vivid Shine New Pure Color nail polishes.
12 shades of Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color Lipstick.
You can see the swatches on my skin with & without flash.
These are my favorite shades among all Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color Collection:
Gold nail polish and Poppy Love lipstick.
Result of my eye makeup by Leo Wong. The eyeliner a little bit smudges on my crease =( He applied Estee Lauder Vivid Shine Pure Color eyeshadow on my lids. He said, this new eyeshadow has a new formula called "Techno Texture", which is the combination of gel, powder and liquid. The texture is very light and soft. It creates beautiful gradation effect. I love it!
Left: The final look. Right: Take a pose with Leo Wong. He looks so young! You'll be surprised if you know his real age ^^
Before & after. Which one do you like the most? XD
With the MC and Erfan, Estee Lauder Brand Manager. Surprisingly, Erfan knows some of my office mate.
What a small world!!!
 Thank you so much Estee Lauder for the invitation! ^^


Andita Budhi Utami said...

I like the before better, with your signature eyeliner and everything.
I think the after make-up makes you look older, but that's just my opinion. :3

Unknown said...

aku lebi suka yang before carryn, kyny lebi cocok sm km :D

Adel said...

suka yang before, soalnya itu mbak carryn bgt :D

Unknown said...

Andita, Rini, Adel> Nyahah.. beda banget ya keliatannya? Memang itu eyeliner tebel udah melekat bgt sama imej saya XD Susah lepasnya..

Unknown said...

Ka Carryn cantikan pas before deeeh. Bener itu udah signature banget eyelinernya. hehehe

Unknown said...

cantik before. hehe.

Unknown said...

Beatrix & Lidia> XD Jenjeng..

Endi Feng said...

I love the before more, Carryn! hahaha

anyway, OOT.. Melty Cherry-nya udah luntur ya di foto ini? :(

Unknown said...

Endi> XD keliatan ya? tp kalo aslinya belum sih ndi.. Itu karena gw belum keramas dan lightingnya ga bagus kayaknya, hehe..

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