Saturday, December 15, 2012

Oh-So-Called Makeup Artist

Hi all!

Most of you probably know that I'm good in doing self makeup. Although I'm not a make up artist and I learn makeup by myself, but it's quite good eh? Haha.. I also like doing makeup for my friends, as long as it's simple. I often dream of being a professional makeup artist and want to learn it in a formal way, but the makeup school is quite expensive. I know it's worth to learn from the expert, but I always fail to save my money for it (of course, cause I shop a lot! XD) I won't give up, I still want to be a make up artist. Hoho..

Few weeks ago I got a chance to help my friend, Ila, to do makeup for her model. Ila is my office mate, she loves photography so much, especially fashion photography. You can check her awesome works here. Yeah! I was so excited to do it. 

There were 3 models: 2 ladies from Ukraine - Nashtya & Liana and a Russian man - Andrey. The makeup do is very simple. (The models are already good looking. XD Simple makeup is enough).

These are some of the pictures.. 
All pictures courtesy of Ila Schaffer

Andrey & Liana
Andrey & Nashtya
Three of them.. ^^
Photographer: Ila Schaffer
Models: Nashtya, Liana, Andrey (Perfect 10)
 Stylist: Ila Schaffer
Makeup Artist: Carryna P
I'm so happy with the result! I colaborate with the right person, Ila. She's so talented! These shots were taken in natural lighting! ^^ I'm sure one day she'll be a great photographer! The models are so lovely. They loves wearing wig! XD

What a fun collaboration! Let's do it again!! XD

See ya!
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Gita Regina said...

S.U.K.A.K ! xD
fotonya juga bagus2 x)


Mukti Lim said...

Kereeeeen carynnn....

Dilla said...

bagussss :D
itu fotonya gak diedit kak? yah mau diedit atau gak gak masalah sih karna dari angle pengambilannya juga bagus banget >.< kaya photoshoot professional gitu.. makeup nya juga match sama konsepnya~
send my love to your friend ya ka carryn :)

Unknown said...

ini ka carryn yang makeup-in?? whoaaaa cool banget!!!! *bows down*

Endi Feng said...

great job, Carryn..!
capitol LOVE!

Unknown said...

BAH! keren banget ce Carryn hasilnya! :O

| miss rhea | said...

*speechless* GREAT JOB KAK! (cium boleh gak?) lol

Conietta Vyonella Zeyn said...

berasa baca majalh Vogue dan sebangsanya
great job!

Unknown said...

Thank you all!!! ^^

Unknown said...

wah bagusnya ^^ Model yang rambutnya pendek cantik banget :)

Unknown said...

Thank you!! Itu pake wig say.. XD

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