Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish

Hi all!

As I promise you before, this is my review of the newest Anna Sui Eau de Toilette: Fairy Dance Secret Wish. I really love this fragrance! You will know thr reasons after reading the rest of this post.. ^^
Have you ever dream about a beautiful garden where the fairies fly and dance happily, the sun shine so bright and warm, pink roses bloom around, the butterflies play under the rainbow and the music sounds so lovely.. You are there, dancing, free and happy.. The fairies will make your wishes come true.. Just dance with them to the rhythm of your heart!

That is a kind of feeling when I use this fragrance. So light, sweet and happy!
Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Eau de Toilette & Body Lotion
The key visual of the campaign: Using Fzrida Gustavon as the model.
She's a perfect creature to describe a flower fairy with little wings like a butterfly.
Just like any other fragrances, this fragrance consists of 3 notes:

Can you imagine how sweet and warm it is!?

Anna Sui Sairy Dance Secret Wish EDT comes in a pretty pink floral box. Even you can feel its smell by looking at the fairy and flower illustration on the box.
30 ml Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Eau de Toilette.
The bottle is unique as usual. It made of glass with a fairy sitting on the tube. It looks like the fairy is ready to make our wish come true when you open the bottle and spray it.
Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish Eau de Toilette bottle details.
Spray it once or twice.. then the fairy will appear to make your wish comes true! =D
Overall I love this fragrance! The only thing that I'm worried about is..  we have to put it in the box for travel because of the tube, looks a bit fragile. It will be totally sweet if you use the body lotion on your skin also. I guess they have similar scent.

The product range:
- 30ml Eau de Toilette ~ IDR 450,000
- 50ml Eau de Toilette ~ IDR 615,000
- 75ml Eau de Toilette ~ IDR 790,000
- 200ml Body Lotion ~ (I don't know the exact price, you can ask in the nearest Anna Sui counter.) ^^

I hope this review helps.

Have a lovely day and.. see ya!!


Adel said...

packaginya cute yaaa, suka bgt tutup fairy nya >.<
aku pernah coba parfum anna sui, tp yang dolly girl, udah lama sih,tp wanginya enak.

Unknown said...

Iyaa.. lucu banget!! Yg ini juga enak wanginya del, light & sweet.. ^^

Unknown said...

Omg!! Anna sui secret wish series yg baru.... Aq pernah coba semprot2 yg 2 versi yg lbh lama dan super sukaaaa.... Nnti klo kliatan counter ini musti semprot2 lg.... Pasti seger banget klo liat dr notesnya <3 thank you reviewnya :-)

| miss rhea | said...

cantikkk bgt kak karin dan juga anna sui nya heheheh... flower everywhere omg

Xiao Vee said...

bagusnyaaa jd mupeng >.< fotonya jg bagus kak :D
btw aku perhatiin kak carryn lbh suka fotoin wajah sisi kanan yah? :3 hehe

Unknown said...

Sabrina> Yuup! Harus dicoba ^^

Miss rhea> Thank you!!! =D

Xiao Vee> Iyaa... itu best angle soalnya XD Kalo sisi kiri agak aneh keliatannya ^^

Unknown said...

iyaaa...aku juga dulu pake dolly girl..udah lama ngga colek-colek Anna Sui, liat review ini jadi pengen :D thanks Carryn, i love your reviews!

Unknown said...

merilla may> you're welcome dear.. ^^

Unknown said...

aaaaa menarik nih kyny, kapan2 mampir k counter anna sui ah.. xD
carryn ky fairy deh hihi

Unknown said...

Aih.. aih.. iya rin coba deh, pasti suka!! ^^

Unknown said...

Tahan berapa jam sist parfumnya? :D soalnya itu EDT kan ya?

Unknown said...

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aisoice said...

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