Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dress Up Like Carryn - Maxi Dress (feat. New Vintage Cloth)

Hi all!

Happy weekend! What are you doing? What I love about weekend is I can do anything that I love to do; blogging, going to cinema with husband, sleeping all day long.. or attending event or wedding party. Whatever you do, keep cool and stylish! =D

Anyway.. do you love Maxi Dress? I do!! It is comfortable. Somehow it makes me look more feminine ^^ I have many of it. Here are two maxi dresses from New Vintage Cloth collection that I love.. Each of them has they own character. You can choose which one is suitable with your personality. ^^
If you want to buy these dresses, just visit their website here. OR, you can email me at

Have a nice weekend all!! See ya!! ^^


Unknown said...

dua2nya lucuuu.. warna lebi suka yg pink tp klo model lebi suka yg keduaa <3

Unknown said...

mb caryn,aq di folbek ya mksh :D

Anita Rachmania said...

Mbak caryn cantik banget pakai yang hitam-merah dipaduyin dengan lipstik merah ;)

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting, ladies.. ^^

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