Friday, February 15, 2013

FOTD & Dress Up Like Carryn: Multi Dress & Two Tone Cardigan feat. New Vintage Cloth

Hi all!!

Better late than never, I want to say:

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine's Day!

Although I didn't celebrate both of it, I want to show you my CNY + Val's day look, haha.. It's so simple: Neutral Eyeshadows + Pink Blush & Lip Colors + Gold Accesories =
Anyway.. do you often confuse in picking a dress for a special occasion? I often think if my dress is too much, or too simple.. Until I found this Multi Dress from New Vintage Cloth! A dress that can be used in many ways.. ^^ It's so fun exploring how many style that I can create from this one simple dress!! I love it!!

Here it is..

I just found three ways to wear this dress that I think quite wearable XDIt's cold outside, just add a lovely cardigan! I use this two tone b&w cardigan, still from New Vintage Cloth!
What do you think of this Multi Dress & Two Tone Cardigan? I personally love the dress a lot!! ^^

See ya!!


Devi Anviana Putri said...

keren mbak :)
aa serbaguna banget dressnya :D
mbak... dirimu kok kurusan ya ? :O *salahfokus* :P

Unknown said...

Devi> Iyaa.. multifungsi sekali.. ^^ Kurusan? Lagi jaga makanan soalnya devi.. ^^

Cheryl Raissa Alfaruqi said...

Keren as always ^.^

ncy said...

asyik gayanyaaa...tooppp!

Unknown said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Cheryl & Nancy!!! ^^

Susan Lolo Bua said...

cantik banget.. unyu2 gitu gayanyaa..

Unknown said...

XD Thanks Susaan..

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