Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kji & Co Tokyo 24 Hours Eyeliner Injection

Hi all..

It's obvious that I love eyeliner so much! This is one of my new eyeliner. I haven't heard or tried this brand before, Kji & Co Tokyo, some people said it is worth to try.
Like most of Japanese brand, the packaging is full of graphic and typography. I was curious when saw the word "Injection". Is it like the real injection? It looks like a pen with sharp and flexible nib. 
The packaging and the product.
The product, full of graphics.
I draw some lines on my skin. I wash it with water then it's fading away. =(
I can create winged eyeliner precisely with its sharp and thin tip..
It fades after I wash my eyes area.

What I Love
- The thin and sharp nib make it easy to use for creating a thin line precisely
- Fast drying
- Bold
- The staying power is quite ok, as long as I don't wash it with water.
- Smudge-proof

- The "injection cap" sometimes makes it difficult to open
- Not waterproof


IDR 165,000
This product is good for daily eyeliner. If you want to buy it, visit They provide a lot of beauty products, including the famous egyptian magic cream.

See ya!


Alexandra said...

I always love eyeliner with that kind of tip / applicator, but since it's not waterproof i might not try it lol :p
I'm sure I'll crawl back to using Dolly Wink's liquid liner :p

Unknown said...

The non-waterproof aspect kind of turned down the product a whole lot. It's sad since it looks like amazing product with so much positive aspects.
Thanks for the review.

| miss rhea | said...

aahhh sedih bgt ga waterproof :O

Chaitea said...

Wow that is a really precise tip and awesome eyeliner drawing skills.
I love the packaging too :D

Unknown said...

Alexandra> Yup, mee too.. XD

Tuki> you're welcome dear! ^^

miss rhea> Iyaa sayang banget, padahal enak dipakenya gampang & presisi

Chaitea> yuup! ^^

Unknown said...

Aku kebetulan, lagi pengen beli krn banyak yg bilang waterproof, tp kok ternyata enggak ya? >.<

Unknown said...

Ryuu> Iya dear, sebenernya kalau ga digosok2 bgt dia masih awet sih.. Tapi karena saya kan sering cuci muka saat berwudhu sambil diusap, jadi dia smudge gt.. Tapi kepekatannya bagus banget eyeliner ini ^^

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