Sunday, February 10, 2013

"This Will Be Your Night" - BOSS Nuit Pour Femme Review

Hi all!!

Like I've said before, this is my review about the new fragrance from BOSS: BOSS Nuit Pour Femme. This fragrance is inspired by a little black dress, the reflection of BOSS woman's personality; elegant, timeless, feminine, classy and confident.
The Ambassador
No one can represent the character of this fragrance other than Gwyneth Paltrow! She's an Oscar winning actress, a singer, a fashion icon, an author of a cook book (I should buy it later!), a lovely wife of Chris Martin and a mother of a cute daughter, Apple. She's the icon of a hardworking and multitalented modern woman. She's very confident and successful. She has a perfect style, charismatic and effortlessly classy. She's the embodiment of BOSS Nuit Pour Femme.
It's shocking you see this grogeous Gwyneth Paltrow picture after seeing mine . Like the sky and the earth XD
The Fragrance
Like usual, this fragrance consists of 3 notes:
- Top Notes (express the spirit of a BOSS woman)
  White Peach + Aldehydic.
  They give the freshness and sparkle effect!
- Heart Accord (represent a classy feminine side of BOSS woman)
  Jasmine + Violet.
  The combination of femininity and tenderness.
- Base Notes (represent a sensuality of BOSS woman)
  Crystal Moss + Sandalwood.
  It creates an awesome and soft character.
What they say about this fragrance?
"Boss Nuit Pour Femme was designed as the perfect complement to the BOSS Black woman's night, adding the essential finishing touch before she steps out of the door. The top, heart and base notes of the fragrance capture the anticipation of the night ahead. Perfect balanced scent which compelements each woman, surrounding her with confidence and feminity as she prepares for the exciting night ahead." - Will Andrews, P&G Prestige Fragrance Creation Team

"For me, BOSS Nuit Pour Femme is a very sensual, feminine perfume. It's the perfect night time perfume because it's very alluring but very elegant at the same time." - Gwyneth Paltrow

The Packaging
The box design is simple & classic, just like a little black dress: neat, elegant and feminine. The bottle is made from thick black glass with transparent cap. We can see a little gold accent, so classy! I had my nickname engraved on it.. (it should be without -i-) Cool isn't it?
This is my 50 ml Boss Nuit Pour Femme. It fits in my hand.
The Line Up
Eau de Parfum 30 ml - IDR 550,000
Eau de Parfum 50 ml - IDR 790,000
Eau de Parfum 75 ml - IDR 1,030,000
Overall I really love this fragrance! The first time I saw the packaging, I thought it is a sensual & seductive fragrance. I was wrong, it is strong but also feminine, even sweet at the same time, just like me XD The simple bottle design makes it look classy and timeless, like a little black dress. Although some people say this fragrance is more suitable for night use, I think the scent is still appropriate for daytime. You better try it yourself ^^
See ya!!

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